20 Chickens That Lay Colored Eggs

Chicken Breeds That Lay Colored Eggs

20 Chickens That Lay Colored Eggs: Brown, Blue, Green, Pink Egg Layers Having fresh eggs every morning is a great perk of having a chicken or a whole backyard flock. If a little variety is appealing, some chicken breeds lay colored eggs instead of white. Unfortunately, some are not always easy to find. For chickens … Read more

Best Beekeeping Suit (for amateur bee keeping)

Beekeeping Suit Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Beekeeping Suit For You

This is a comprehensive review of twelve of the best bee suit options on the market. Beekeeping suits must offer full protection, coverage, and safety to the user and the bees. All of the suits are suitable for beginner and professional beekeepers alike. You will find all of the information needed to purchase the best bee suit here.

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms on Logs

Shiitake Mushrooms On Logs

With just a few hours of work and a small investment, you can skip the grocery store mushrooms for up to six years by cultivating your own nutritious, delicious shiitakes at home.

How to Can Apples at Home

Canned Apple Recipe

Canning Apples at home in 8 Simple Steps Nothing beats a fresh apple picked at the peak of the season. But there is a narrow window of time to enjoy them. When the farmer’s market closes, you can still eat the fruit from the grocery store, but the quality will be lower and the environmental … Read more

54 DIY Chicken Coop Plans

DIY Chicken Coop Plans

54 Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans & Ideas That Are Easy to Build Backyard chickens need a proper coop to stay happy, comfortable, and healthy. If you’re planning to upgrade, renovate, or build but don’t know where to start, you’ll find the most comprehensive chicken coop ideas right here. We’ve researched and compiled a list … Read more

Polish Chicken Breed Guide

Polish Chicken Breed Guide

Complete Guide To The Polish Chicken Breed Have you ever entertained the idea of adding a living ornament to your home? You probably haven’t… I mean, who does that? However, the Polish chicken is one of the few creatures on this planet that appears to be exactly that. This ornamental bird is a treasured breed that … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Chocolate?

Chickens Eating

Can Chickens Eat Chocolate? Here’s a question for all of the chicken owners of the world: can chickens eat chocolate? It’s a serious inquiry! After all, if it’s potentially poisonous, illness-inducing, and even lethal for other pets, is it going to hurt your chickens? Here’s what I discovered after researching the question. Can Chickens Have Chocolate? … Read more

Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed guide

Plymouth Rock Chicken

Your Ultimate Guide To The Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed + More! One of the biggest challenges of raising chickens is understanding what exactly each breed brings to the table. If you’ve been considering snapping up a Plymouth Rock chicken, you’re going to need our authoritative guide to walk you through just how these birds will impact … Read more

Phoenix Chicken Breed Guide

Phoenix Chicken

Your Ultimate Free Guide To The Incredible Phoenix Chicken Breed Not all chickens are lookers. Some, however, are beautiful… and, as is so often the case in life, the good-looking ones just aren’t as productive in the day-to-day grind. Case in point: the Phoenix chicken. These gorgeous birds ride the line between farm animals and household … Read more

Bantam Chickens: Breeds, Facts, Eggs and where To Buy

Bantam Chicken Guide

The Complete Guide To Bantam Chicken Breeds: Is a Bantam Chicken Right for You? It makes sense to raise bantams than full-sized chickens if your backyard size is limited. However, not all bantams are cut out as backyard chickens. Before you buy a bantam chicken as a pet or an egg-layers, here’s everything that you need … Read more

Speckled Sussex Chicken Breed guide


The Complete Guide To The Speckled Sussex Chicken – Is This The Right Breed For You? Don’t move on without taking a look at this first-rate breed. The Speckled Sussex has been around for quite some time, and not because of a stroke of luck. These British birds have set the bar high and we’ll … Read more

Chicken Predators and Pests – How to protect your flock!

Chicken and Cat

Top 17 Chicken Predators & What To Know There’s nothing worse than waking up to a chicken coop viciously attacked by chicken predators. Before that ever happens to your flock, understanding the 17 common chicken predators can help you identify them, have a better understanding of how these predators attack, and what you can do … Read more

6 (Quick, Easy, & Cheap) Homemade Febreze Recipes

Fabreze Spray

Homemade Febreze: 6 Easy Recipes to Help Save the Planet and Your Wallet! Have you checked the price of Febreze lately? It’s expensive! That’s where our handy-dandy list of homemade Febreze recipes comes into play. We will be looking at baking soda, fabric softeners, essentials oils, and one unexpected product in your cupboard or shopping list! … Read more

How Do Chickens Mate? Do You Need A Rooster?

Chicken Mating

How Do Chickens Mate? Do You Need A Rooster? The mating process of chickens is different from that of other animals. They even have a mating ritual to win the hearts of the girls. So, how do chickens mate? Let’s break down everything you need to know. The Birds And The Bees Of Farm Fowl … Read more

How Much Light Do Chickens Need To Keep Laying?

Chicken Laying Eggs

How Much Light Do Chickens Need To Keep Laying? Why do hens need light to yield eggs? How much light do chickens need to keep laying? Should I leave the light on 24/7? Do artificial lights have any negative effects on chickens? Light is intrinsically linked to egg production in chickens. In fact, no light … Read more

How High Can A Chicken Fly?

Chicken Flying

How High Can A Chicken Fly? All your questions answered Keeping your flock safely tucked in their run space is a basic element of raising chickens. But…how high can a chicken fly? How far can chickens fly? Wait a moment… can chickens fly at all? Ensure your chickens can’t plan their escape by air and read … Read more

How Big Should a Chicken Nesting Box Be?

chicken nesting box

How Big Should a Chicken Nesting Box Be? How big should a chicken nesting box be? How high should a chicken nesting box be? And how many hens per nesting box should there be? If you’re new to chicken keeping, you may not realize how important a nesting box is…until you start finding eggs in … Read more

Silkie Chicken Breed Guide

Silkie Chickens

The Silkie Chicken – Everything You Need To Know Some call them funny; a few bizarre, while others say they are the indisputable weirdos of the chicken world. Whatever your opinion is at first sight, after reading our ultimate guide on the Silkie chicken, these fluffy oddities of the chicken realm will no doubt steal … Read more

How to Store Onions And Keep Them Fresh


How To Store Onions: The Best Way & FAQ Don’t let onions (and your money) go to waste. These 4 EASY steps are the best way to store onion for longer storage life. But don’t store onions next to one food item, or else they will spoil faster! Now let’s learn how to store onions … Read more

How to Store Fresh Basil, and Preserve it for years

Fresh Basil

4 Ways How to store fresh basil Did you just buy some basil? Or did you harvest basil from your garden? There are three easy ways you can keep your basil fresh. One of which is super effective that you can have fresh basil leaves and retain the basil flavor for a whopping 6 months! … Read more