Welcome to Eco Peanut!

Eco peanut is a place to come and learn about basically everything about reversing our impact on the earth and sustainable living. Sustainable living, survival preparation, renewable energy, aquaponics, hydroponics, DIY projects and sustainable building – we are crazy about it all (and so are you, right!?)

Like most homeowners or sufficient fanatics, we don’t live on acres of farmland. Like you, we live in a smaller urban environment.

Why does this website exist?

In all corners of the globe, humans are having a hard time living in a comfortable way, and a hard time living in a sustainable way.  Until recently, the term ‘sustainable living’ was not well known, and the earth as we know it has suffered considerably.

Just apply the litmus test to your way of life, and ask yourself:

  • Are you damaging or helping the earth as a result of your lifestyle?
  • How much of your own food do you produce?
  • Do you even know how to the food you buy is produced?
  • How much of your own energy do you produce?
  • Are you living comfortably, without the worry of power bills and the increasing costs of basic living expenses?

The Vision: To empower you to live in a self sufficient way. There is no need to make any drastic changes; start small. Maybe that means installing rainwater harvesters on your downpipes? or maybe that means setting up a small chicken coop and veggie patch in your backyard?

We aim to inspire and create sufficiency and sustainability among urban populations.

Communities around the globe are moving in a sustainably beneficial way, and it’s great to see however there is still a lot of distance to cover, and a lot of damage to reverse.

Check back into Eco Peanut to get inspiration, plans, and DIY help for your next sustainable project. The more you do, the more self sufficient you will become and the more comfortably (and guilt free) you will live!

Whether you start small, or go large, taking action TODAY is the main thing. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Doing the right thing, becoming self sufficient, and ‘earning your keep’. This is what Eco Peanut is about.

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