About Eco Peanut

Planet earth is in crisis. Global warming leads to rising sea levels, bleaching of our coral reefs, and a whole other host of problems you’ve already heard of. Overproduction and over consumption degrades our environment and natural resources, and fills our planet with plastic and toxic waste.

You get the point. I could keep listing out negative shit. and you’ve probably heard it all before.

Yet nothing seems to change. Why?

We can’t rely on the world leaders to make the right decisions any longer. The change has to come from the bottom up, because it sure ain’t coming from the top down. The power is in YOUR hands.

Eco Peanut exists to educate and inspire humans to live sustainable, low-impact, self-sufficient lives. Our aim is to empower you to make small, compounding decisions that benefit you, your family, and the greater good.

Maybe you want to start small and grow your own herbs. Or maybe you’re ready to go gung-ho and flip the bird to the system and go completely off grid. Not matter what you’re able or willing to do, it all helps. Even one small action, on a global scale, can have a huge positive compounding effect.

Whether you start small, or go large, taking action TODAY is the main thing. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Doing the right thing, becoming self sufficient, and ‘earning your keep’. This is what Eco Peanut is about.

Meet Our Team

Alex Azoury

Alex Azoury


Alex lives in the sustainability capital of Australia (Byron Bay) where the local community thrives and strongly supports self-sufficient living and green tech entrepreneurship. He began Eco Peanut in 2014 with the mission to spread bite sized sustainability advice to the masses.

Connect with Alex: Website / LinkedIn / Twitter

Hannah Gregorio

Hannah Gregorio


Hannah Gregorio has been active in the writing industry since 2010. She holds a BA Journalism degree from the Manila Times College.

Connect with Hannah: LinkedIn

Jasmin Casumpang

Jasmin Casumpang


Jasmin lives in Manila - the densest city in the world. Working on Eco Peanut has been inspiring her to live a sustainable, low-impact, self-sufficient life despite the lack of space.

Connect with Jasmin: Instagram / Twitter

Gitana Conde

Gitana Conde


Tana grew up around island farms and pine forests. Her love for nature lead to her degree in Biology and mission to lessen her environmental impact. Now she grows food in her backyard and shares what she learns from Eco Peanut with others.

Connect with Tana: Instagram / LinkedIn

Meet Our Experts

Rachael Perry

Rachael Perry

Sustainable Living Educator

Rachael and her husband arrived on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua in 2011. There they founded El Jardin de la Vida, a tropical micro food forest, focusing on Sustainable Living Education. She teaches others to build with natural materials, live off-grid, and appreciate slow food.

Connect with Rachael: Website / Facebook

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