Cochin Chicken Breed Guide

Cochin Chicken Guide FI

Cochin Chickens are fully-feathered and calm. They are one of the best looking multi-purpose chicken breeds. Read the ultimate guide to these gentle giants here.

Cochin Chicken

Chickens that Lay Colored Eggs

Variety of Chickens

20 Chickens That Lay Colored Eggs Having fresh eggs every morning is a great perk of having a chicken or a whole backyard flock. If a little variety is appealing, some chicken breeds lay colored eggs instead of white. Unfortunately, some are not always easy to find. For chickens that do not lay white eggs, … Read more

PInterest Chickens that lay colored eggs

Best Honey Extractor

Honey Extractor

When shopping for a honey extractor, there’s a lot to look at. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know as well as offer a list of the best honey extractors to choose from.

Honey Extractor Buying Guide Pinterest

Best Beekeeping Suit (for amateur bee keeping)


This is a comprehensive review of twelve of the best bee suit options on the market. Beekeeping suits must offer full protection, coverage, and safety to the user and the bees. All of the suits are suitable for beginner and professional beekeepers alike. You will find all of the information needed to purchase the best bee suit here.

Beekeeping Suit

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms on Logs

Shiitake Mushrooms On Logs

With just a few hours of work and a small investment, you can skip the grocery store mushrooms for up to six years by cultivating your own nutritious, delicious shiitakes at home.

how to grow shiitake mushrooms on logs step by step guide

How to Can Apples at Home

Canning Apples

Canning Apples at home in 8 Simple Steps Nothing beats a fresh apple picked at the peak of the season. But there is a narrow window of time to enjoy them. When the farmer’s market closes, you can still eat the fruit from the grocery store, but the quality will be lower and the environmental … Read more

Canning Apples

Polish Chicken Breed Guide

Polish Chicken

Complete Guide To The Polish Chicken Breed Have you ever entertained the idea of adding a living ornament to your home? You probably haven’t… I mean, who does that? However, the Polish chicken is one of the few creatures on this planet that appears to be exactly that. This ornamental bird is a treasured breed that … Read more

Polish Chicken

Tower Gardens: The Best Solution For Small Spaces Guaranteed!

Vertical Gardens

Tower Gardens: The Best Solution For Small Spaces Guaranteed! If you were ready to give up on gardening because you lack the space, you better think twice, because we may have found the key to solving this problem. Tower garden products have risen in popularity over the past few years, and all because they’ve made … Read more

Tower Garden

Can Chickens Eat Chocolate?

Chickens Eating

Can Chickens Eat Chocolate? Here’s a question for all of the chicken owners of the world: can chickens eat chocolate? It’s a serious inquiry! After all, if it’s potentially poisonous, illness-inducing, and even lethal for other pets, is it going to hurt your chickens? Here’s what I discovered after researching the question. Can Chickens Have Chocolate? … Read more

Chicken Eating

Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed guide

Plymouth Rock Chicken

Your Ultimate Guide To The Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed + More! One of the biggest challenges of raising chickens is understanding what exactly each breed brings to the table. If you’ve been considering snapping up a Plymouth Rock chicken, you’re going to need our authoritative guide to walk you through just how these birds will impact … Read more

Plymouth Rock

Phoenix Chicken Breed Guide

Phoenix Chicken

Your Ultimate Free Guide To The Incredible Phoenix Chicken Breed Not all chickens are lookers. Some, however, are beautiful… and, as is so often the case in life, the good-looking ones just aren’t as productive in the day-to-day grind. Case in point: the Phoenix chicken. These gorgeous birds ride the line between farm animals and household … Read more

Phoenix Chicken

The 3 Best Chicken Waterers from 2018

Chicken Waterer

The 3 Best Chicken Waterers From 2018 Forget about dumping a waterer after using it for only a couple of months, or choosing one that just doesn’t suit your (and your flock’s!) needs. If you’re looking to invest in a reliable chicken water feeder for your backyard flock, you’ve come to the right place. Allow … Read more

Chicken Waterer

Bantam Chickens: eggs, breed and care guide

Bantam Chicken

The Complete Guide To Bantam Chickens – Is This The Right Chicken For You? It makes sense to raise bantams than full-sized chickens if your backyard size is limited. However, not all bantams are cut out as backyard chickens. Before you buy a bantam chicken as a pet or an egg-layers, here’s everything that you need … Read more

Bantan Chicken

Speckled Sussex Chicken Breed guide


The Complete Guide To The Speckled Sussex Chicken – Is This The Right Breed For You? Don’t move on without taking a look at this first-rate breed. The Speckled Sussex has been around for quite some time, and not because of a stroke of luck. These British birds have set the bar high and we’ll … Read more

Speckled Sussex

Chicken Predators and Pests – How to protect your flock!

Cat and Chicken

Top 17 Chicken Predators & What To Know There’s nothing worse than waking up to a chicken coop viciously attacked by chicken predators. Before that ever happens to your flock, understanding the 17 common chicken predators can help you identify them, have a better understanding of how these predators attack, and what you can do … Read more

Chickens and a Cat

How To Grow Moss (In Small Spaces) – The Ultimate Guide

Moss Terrarium

How To Grow Moss (In Small Spaces) – The Ultimate Guide Moss is the boss when it comes to creating beautiful, peaceful little Zen gardens. Are you interested in growing your own moss, but don’t know how to get the ball rolling?Where do I get moss from? Does it grow in the same way that … Read more


How Do Chickens Mate? Do You Need A Rooster?

Chicken Mating

How Do Chickens Mate? Do You Need A Rooster? We know that the modus operandi of chicken intercourse is hard to figure out just by looking at them. So, how do chickens and roosters mate? How often do chickens mate? …and, what on Earth is a cloacal kiss? No need to shy away from the nuts and bolts … Read more

Chicken Mating
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