11 Easy DIY PVC Chicken Feeder Ideas

DIY PVC Chicken Feeder Ideas

There are many joys to raising chickens, but food time can be a major drawback. Chickens can make a mess of their meals. Bugs, parasites, and other vermin seek out their feed, and it can also attract dangerous predators. You may think you need to go and purchase a fancy automatic chicken feeder to stop … Read more

Top 14 Amazing Gray Chicken Breeds

Gray Chicken Breeds

Who said gray was a boring color? Gray chicken breeds are here to prove those naysayers wrong. There is a broad variety of chickens, and many of them are being bred to show off more popular colors, including a rainbow of grays. From egg-laying pros to bantam companions, there are plenty of gray chickens to … Read more

18 Best Fighting Rooster Breeds and Gamefowl

Fighting Rooster Breeds and Gamefowl

Fighting chickens have been bred to be extremely aggressive and have almost supernatural lengths of strength and endurance. The best fighting rooster breeds, also known as gamefowl, are also incredibly beautiful, meaning that you can introduce these birds to exhibitions and shows. As such, while cockfighting is banned in the US and many other countries … Read more

Chickens With Afros: Top 12 Crested Breeds

Chickens With Afros

Even the most ordinary of chickens can be eye-catching and entertaining to watch, but have you ever seen a chicken with an afro? There are a wide variety of crested chicken breeds out there. Some with plumes of feathers or tufts that stick straight up. The breeds are all unique in their own way, and … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Brussel Sprouts? Is It Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Brussel Sprouts

Whether you think of Brussel sprouts as vile weeds or delicious vegetables, there is one thing for certain: most chickens love them. So if you were wondering, “Can chickens eat Brussel sprouts?”, you now know the truth. The answer is yes. Not only can chickens eat Brussel sprouts, they most definitely will. Sure, some chickens … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Peaches? Are Peaches Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Peaches

Peaches are a luscious fruit that can be used to make many delectable treats. If peaches are in season, you may have some extra ones laying around that you don’t want going to waste. Aside from making jams and pies, why not give a peach or two to your chickens? Before you do that, you … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Beans? Are Beans Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Beans

Beans, beans, they are good for your heart, right? For humans, beans are magical and make a lot of dishes taste phenomenal. But should beans be given to your chickens? Turns out, beans have a bit of a bite, especially when they are either raw or dried. That bite means they are toxic to many … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Kiwi? Is It Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Kiwi

Chickens are one creature that love to eat a varied diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits. Knowing what your feathered friends can have also means that you can introduce to them a variety of flavors they may not know about. For example, have you thought about giving your chickens something exotic, like kiwi? … Read more

How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water or Food?

How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water Or Food

All living things on this planet we call Earth require adequate nutrition to stay alive. Without food and water, even the greatest of creatures perish. The same is true for the humble chicken. But how long can chickens go without water or food? What determines how fast their condition worsens? Let’s find out. Why is … Read more

Hedemora Chicken: Breed & Care Guide

Hedemora Chicken Breed

Many breeds of chicken have adapted to Earth’s mixture of climates. One such chicken is known as the Hedemora, which has a long history and incredible ability to survive in cold temperatures. These chickens also do not require an expert handler to keep them. Newbies to the chicken world will find the Hedemora breed to … Read more

How to Keep Chickens Cool During Hot Summers

How To Keep Chickens Cool During Hot Summers

Summertime is supposed to mean fun in the sun. Unfortunately, the sun and heat can be too much for some people and animals. Your chickens are no exception. In order to keep your flock from getting roasted this summer, you should know how to keep them cool. Many breeds of chickens are fully capable of … Read more

Prairie Bluebell Egger: Chicken Breed Profile

Prairie Bluebell Egger Chicken

Are you looking for an active bird that will lay an incredible amount of eggs throughout the year? There are many hybrid breeds out there that are up to the task, but few have the capabilities of the Prairie Bluebell Egger. If you are interested in a bird that is capable of foraging and easy … Read more

7 Beautiful Long Tail Chickens – Onagadori Included

long tail chickens

Sometimes you do not want your flock to be only for meat but for beauty. There are many striking breeds of chicken out there. Yet out of all the chickens, only a few breeds have long tail feathers. Most long-tail chickens are ornamental companions who are docile and friendly. Not only that, but they add … Read more

Columbian Wyandotte Chicken: Breed & Care Guide

Columbian Wyandotte Chicken

When you are just starting out as a chicken owner, you want to choose a breed that is resilient and forgiving. Otherwise, you will end up with a yard filled with chaos and clucking. Enter the Columbian Wyandotte, a beautiful bird with loads of personality. The Columbian Wyandotte has everything a beginner is looking for … Read more

11 Great Chicken Coop Sign Ideas

Chicken coop signs

Does it feel like something is missing from your chicken coop’s décor but you don’t know what? Every chicken owner needs a fun chicken coop sign! Hung on the walls or over the coop’s door, chicken coop signs are a great way to brighten up the structure, chicken run, or tie your whole backyard together. … Read more

15 Chicken-Friendly Plants to Grow Around Your Coop

15 Chicken-Friendly Plants To Grow Around Your Coop

When you are building a backyard paradise, you might feel that chickens and plants are made for one another. And they are! Chickens can be your best friend when you are trying to raise fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Plus, those very plants that you are growing can help nourish the flock. To begin building a … Read more

Do Skunks Eat Chickens? How to Protect Your Flock!

do skunks eat chickens

Owning chickens is one of life’s simple pleasures. You get to enjoy a flock of personalities that also gift you with farm-fresh eggs and, sometimes, meat. However, there is also one issue that comes with raising chickens: predators. Many chicken owners find that creatures like skunks are attracted to the coop, but do skunks eat … Read more

What is Sour Crop in Chickens? How to Prevent & Treat It

What Is Sour Crop In Chickens

Have you given much thought to your chicken’s crop? Probably not. You might know that the crop is an essential part of the digestive tract and that a chicken’s food is held there. However, you might not know that the crop can be infected, causing health problems for your unlucky chicken. What is sour crop … Read more

What is a Fairy Egg and Why Do Chickens Lay Them?

What Is A Fairy Egg

If you are raising chickens, you may find yourself in a predicament much like many other owners out there. You head out into the coop to pick up eggs and find yourself holding one that looks like it came from a bantam chicken. Except, you don’t have any bantams. So what is this? Turns out … Read more

Whiting True Blue Chicken: Breed & Care Guide

Whiting True Blue Chicken Breed

Chickens are extraordinary and varied. These days, you can find chickens in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some lay green eggs and others, like the Whiting True Blue chicken, lay ones the color of robin’s eggs. The stunning blue color of their eggs, along with their winning personalities, make the Whiting True Blue … Read more

Sleeping Chickens: How and When Chickens Sleep

sleeping chickens

Nothing beats a good night of shut-eye. But have you ever wondered what your chickens are doing overnight while you rest? Just like you, your flock is catching some serious Z’s. Chickens have fascinating sleep habits, both in when and how they sleep. If you ever wondered what chicken sleep is like, those questions and … Read more

Black Star Chicken: Breed & Care Guide

black star chicken breed

There are many breeds of chickens out there in the world. Some of them are dual purpose. A few are ornamental. Many are ideal for laying eggs. One of those hybrids that are ideal for getting hundreds of eggs throughout the year is the Black Star chicken. With a name that sounds like a rock … Read more

Sapphire Gem Chicken: Breed & Care Guide

Sapphire Gem Chicken Breed

Looking for a chicken breed with a striking appearance, that lays plenty of eggs, and has a good personality? Sure, many chicken breeds may be able to fit the bill on two out of the three. The Sapphire Gem is one that checks all the boxes. Even though the Sapphire Gem is a hybrid not … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Spinach? Is It Safe?

can chickens eat spinach

Chickens are omnivorous and enjoy a broad spectrum of foods. Yet, if you are just starting out as a chicken owner, you may not know exactly what to give your chickens. For instance, do you know what kind of leafy greens, like spinach, to give your chickens? Spinach is an excellent treat for chickens, but … Read more

Do Chickens Have Nipples? Interesting Facts!

Do Chickens have nipples

Although you can buy chicken breast at the grocery store or as an entree at a restaurant, there may be some things you do not know. For instance, chicken breasts are very different from mammal breasts. Due to that, you might find yourself wondering, “Do chickens have nipples?” Here are some interesting facts about chickens, … Read more

Black Orpington Chicken: Complete Breed & Care Guide

black orpington chicken breed

For anyone who loves chickens, the Black Orpington is certainly a sight to behold. Not only is the Black Orpington breed among the most successful, it is also one of the most popular throughout history. There is no doubt that the Orpington chicken is worthy of a place in your flock. If you are looking … Read more

Top 10 Large Egg Laying Chickens

Large egg laying chickens

There are few people out there who do not enjoy the flavor of farm fresh eggs for breakfast or for baking. But did you know that there is a wide variety of egg sizes? Some chickens can lay a very tiny egg, while others can lay jumbo eggs. In the middle of the road, you … Read more

Cinnamon Queen Chicken: Complete Breed & Care Guide

Cinnamon Queen Chicken Breed

Do you want chickens that lay plenty of eggs to keep you, family, and friends well off for years to come? Then you should know about the Cinnamon Queen chicken. This is one hybrid that is very popular among those who want dual purpose chickens. Before adding a Cinnamon Queen or several to your flock, … Read more

Can Chickens Get Wet? Are They OK In The Rain?

Can Chickens get wet

When you first begin keeping chickens, you start to wonder about a lot of questions you may have never asked. For instance, can chickens get wet? Are they OK in a rainstorm? Chickens do not have waterproof feathers, but they are resilient creatures. Most breeds of chicken are comfortable with getting a little wet. Here … Read more

Why is My Hen Crowing? What Can You Do?

why is my hen crowing

Raise your hand if you thought only roosters crowed. Think again! Roosters may be more compelled to shout so the rest of the neighborhood can hear, but they are not the only chickens who are capable of crowing. Hens can do it, too. And most of the time, a hen crowing is considered normal. Now, … Read more

Do Chickens Kill Snakes? Can They Keep Them Away?

do chickens kill snakes

If you happen to live in an area of the world where snakes are common, you may be worried that your chickens are going to end up as one’s dinner. Chickens are not exactly the most willing birds when it comes to defending themselves against predators, but snakes are sometimes a different story. Do chickens … Read more

Can a Chicken and a Duck Mate? Possible Hybrid?

can a chicken and duck mate

If you are keeping chickens and ducks for their eggs or meat (or both), then those two flocks definitely intermingle. Often, it is normal to see a rooster attempt to mate with a female duck or male ducks chase after the hens. That may have raised the question: Can a chicken and a duck mate? … Read more

How to Raise Boer Show Goat

how to raise boer show goat

Raising Boer show goats can be a rewarding hobby and a profitable business. Read this article to learn everything you need to know about raising Boer show goats.

What Are Straight Run Chickens? Pullets?

what are straight run chickens

There are many ways to get a backyard flock up and running. You could purchase or adopt fully grown chickens from a friend. You may be able to obtain fertilized eggs then hatch them using an incubator or a broody hen. Hatcheries also sell one day old chicks. Or you could buy “started” chickens, which … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Mushrooms? Is It Safe?

can chickens eat mushrooms

If you let your chickens out into the yard to forage, you may have questions about the mushrooms that pop up in the lawn. Can chickens eat mushrooms and are they safe? That patch of mushrooms in the yard may be okay for them to eat. As a rule, chickens can eat any kind of … Read more

Do Chickens Pee? How?

do chickens pee? how

If you have a chicken or several, you have probably learned more about the species by observing than from any other form of research. That said, there are some things that you may not have an answer to yet. Many new chicken keepers often end up scratching their heads and asking, “Do chickens pee? How?” … Read more

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