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130 Chicken Coop Names That Are Funny

Giving a name to the coop your chickens call home is important, kind of like naming a ship. After all, you have given your chickens names like Countess Cluck, Hennifer Aniston, and Barbecue, why not give your coop the same treatment. Keep in mind that coops are necessary for chickens, so if you don’t have one, don’t wait. Your chickens need a place to call their own, so they can sleep and lay eggs in comfort. Giving their house a name will add to the ambience.

Here is a list of 130 chicken coop names that are guaranteed to either make you laugh or groan:

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Kid-Friendly Funny Chicken Coop Names

Do you have little ones running around, gathering those eggs and feathers? Then you probably want your chicken coop to be something they can say out loud, as well. Here are some chicken coop names that anyone can enjoy:

  1. Cluck Zone
  2. The Chick Inn
  3. The Henporium
  4. Lay-brary
  5. Little Cluckers Chateau
  6. The Coop-a-Cabana
  7. Egg-cademy
  8. Bockingham Palace
  9. Cluckingham Palace
  10. Butt Nugget Factory
  11. Fluff Butt Fort
  12. The Cockadoodle Den
  13. Eggcellence Hall
  14. Cackle Cottage
  15. Yolk Town
  16. Layer’s Inn
  17. Pecktopia
  18. Feather City
  19. House of Cluckers
  20. Cackle Shack
  21. Bok Bok Hostel
  22. Hennsylvania
  23. The Egg Plant
  24. Peck and Order
  25. Girl’s Night In
  26. Scratch Pad
  27. All Cooped Up
  28. Winging It
  29. The Henningway House
  30. The Oval Office
  31. No Crow Hotel
  32. Fort Flocks
  33. The House of the Rising Egg
  34. Egg-Mart
  35. Chook Box
  36. Flock This Way
  37. Wyndhen Hotel
  38. Feathertropolis
  39. Constanhenople
  40. The House of Grit
  41. Minature Dinosaur Exhibit
  42. Raptorland

Funny Chicken Coop Names For Adults

Want to ruffle some feathers with the name of your coop? Here are some funny chicken coop names that aren’t necessarily kid-friendly:

  • Butt Nugget Boudoir
  • Golden Nugget
  • Bluster Cluck
  • Henitentiary
  • Meet the Cluckers
  • Meet the Flockers
  • The Biddy Boudoir
  • The Cockpit
  • Peep Show
  • Hens, Hens, Hens
  • Girls, Girls, Girls
  • The Flapper House
  • Cock Condo
  • The House of Cocks
  • Mothercluckers Mansion
  • The Crap House
  • The Poo Pit
  • Biddyland
  • Biddy Box
  • Wild Wings
  • The Dormitory
  • All Hens, No Stags
  • Hen Party
  • Which Came First?
  • Egg-Zotic Ladies
  • Only Eggs Get Laid Here
  • Virgin Layers
  • Sisters of the Coop
  • Tailer Feather Lounge
  • Pecker Palace
  • Best Lay This Side of the Hay
  • The Stay n’ Lay
  • The Playbock Mansion
  • The Backyard Bird Club
  • The Flaphouse
  • Show Me Your Chicks

Chicken Name Inspired By Your Chicken’s Anatomy

Body parts may not seem cute or funny by themselves, but when you name a coop after some, it’s a surefire winner. Who doesn’t want to hang a “Welcome to the Gizzard” in their hallway?

  • Fluffy Butt Hotel
  • The Fluff Butt Inn
  • The Vent
  • Comb and Wattle Inn
  • Hackle Castle
  • Saddle Feathers House
  • The Beak
  • A Crop Above The Rest
  • Shake Your Tail Feathers
  • Talon House
  • Spurs Galore
  • So Many Breasts
  • Cloaca Cantina
  • Village Vent
  • Comb City
  • Pub Gizzard
  • It’s All In The Crop

Funny Chicken Coop Names Inspired By Food

Some people raise their chickens for meat. As rude as it may be to name their coop after chicken-inspired dishes, those with darker humor may find some of these obscenely funny. Have fun explaining these coop names to your guests:

  • The Sunny-Side Up
  • Breakfast Ingredients
  • Deviled Eggs Inn
  • It’s a Scrambled House
  • Huevos Rancheros Ranch
  • The Egg Carton
  • Count These Eggs
  •  It’s Barbecue Tonight
  •  The Wing House
  •  Dinner’s Ready
  •  Chicken Noodle Coop
  •  Poultry Palace
  •  Smoking Hot Chicken
  •  Happy Wings Express
  •  General Tso’s House
  •  Yum Factory
  •  Chicken Chop House
  •  Scrambled Inn
  •  Cracked Shell Tavern
  •  Finger Lickin’ Shack

Clever Yet Funny Chicken Coop Names

For those who enjoy a good pun, these clever names are bound to earn a chuckle. Plus, you have to admit, any of these would make an excellent coop sign!

  1.  Pecking Hill
  2.  Bantam Bungalow
  3.  Orpingtown
  4.  Silkie Suite
  5.  Polish Parliament
  6.  Egger Estate
  7.  The Coop Mahal
  8.  Z-hen Temple
  9.  That’s All, Yolks
  10.  Coopington
  11.  The Egg’s Residence
  12.  Coopenhagen
  13.  Henmark
  14.  New Chookland
  15. The Hentagon

Tips For Coming Up With a Chicken Coop Name

Still struggling to come up with a name for your coop? Perhaps you want something truly original and one of a kind. No problem. The strategies below will help you think of a uniquely funny chicken coop name:

Think About The Size of Your Flock

Do you have just a couple of hens roaming the yard or a gang of chickens? The size of the flock (and your coop) can also influence the name. For instance, you may not name a small coop for 3 chickens the Coop Mahal — that’s more in reference to a palace for several chickens. Have more than one coop? You might want to give them names that reference a village or country.

Plus, you can use the number in the name. For example, “10 Hens in a House,” “Third Hen’s The Charm,” and “An Egg a Day Keeps Sadness Away,” are all great things to name a coop.

Consider Your Hens and Roosters

Chickens have a broad range of personalities ranging from outgoing to quiet. Take a moment to consider the hens and roosters in the flock, their unique traits, and how those characteristics play into the flock’s dynamic. Is the one hen named something outrageous like Chewbocka in charge? Why not name the coop something like “Chewbocka’s Clutch”?

Also, chickens do a lot of clucking, crowing, pecking, and scratching. These common actions can serve as part of a coop name. “Scratch House,” “Pecking Dirt,” and such are great options for funny chicken coop names that make a lasting impression.

Another thing to keep in mind: Their breed. Consider the population. If you have a bunch of Wyandottes running around, why not call the coop, “Wyandotte Club” or something similar? You may even be able to make funny puns out of some names, like “Frizzle Showgirls Inside.”

What is the Size and Color of Your Coop?

Did you craft your chicken coop a certain way? Is the color or style a certain theme? You may be able to use that to your naming advantage. Let’s say you have your coop painted in white and blue. You might call your coop, “A Ship Without a Cluck.” If the coop is all black, you could call it “HIB Headquarters.”

The size of the coop may also provide some inspiration. A larger coop, for instance, could be called a “Clucktropolis,” while a small coop for 2 or 3 chickens could be named, “The Hen Hovel.”

Use Some Common Words

There are some seed words that may inspire you to come up with something impactful on your own, such as:

  • Barn
  • Hotel
  • Citadel
  • Cottage
  • Retreat
  • Paradise
  • Abode
  • Inn
  • Palace
  • Roost
  • Mansion
  • Suite
  • Den
  • Pad

For example, you might find The Chook Roost to be an egg-cellent name for your coop. Take some of the chicken coop names from the list and try swapping out some of the seed words. See where that takes you.

At the end, you can watch this video, where the owner of the chicken coop tells the story of the name:

Now That’s a Funny Chicken Coop Name

If you are looking for a funny chicken coop name to make into a sign, this huge list of over a hundred options should be able to help. Even if nothing immediately sticks out, you can use it for inspiration. Get creative and have fun! Naming your chickens and the coop is all part of the joy of raising a flock. Once you have settled on something, make the name into a sign, let your friends and family know, and laugh at the reactions you get.

Which coop name will you choose? Let us know the names of your chicken coop or if you have any ideas to add to the list!