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Inside 12 Amazing Chicken Coops [With Pictures!]

Keeping backyard chickens is a joyful experience, especially when you have a flock of comical friends running around all the time. More than that, you get yet another space to decorate from top to bottom. Though the coop is primarily used to protect the flock from weather and predators at night, it is also a functional spot that doesn’t have to be boring.

Take a gander inside 12 amazing chicken coops and get inspired to spruce up the interior of yours!

1. Tiered Simplicity by Mallow Meadows Farm

The design of this coop, with the tiered roosts, opens up the interior, providing your chickens with plenty of liveable space. Additionally, having less clutter and more floor gives you space to clean the floor more easily. What is perfect about this coop, however, is the nesting boxes. A testament to upcycled brilliance, an old cabinet or armoire was converted into a homey hideaway for hens to lay their eggs. At the top is a cute display reading “Eggs,” along with some green accents.

Simple yet effective. That is the best kind of design there is. 

2. Shabby Chic Chick Coop By Backyard Chickens

A coop within a coop, who would have thought? Plus, the coop was designed to match the architecture of the house. What is lovely about this interior design choice is that it is full of shabby chic elements that come together effortlessly. The swing hanging from the ceiling, the white chandelier, the farmhouse accents — these things pull the design together seamlessly. It looks inviting, for both chickens and people.

3. Colorful Inside and Out by Drinking With Chickens

Take a look at the cool color scheme of this coop — black, pinks, and orange. Inside, the wallpaper, which is vinyl contact paper, plays up the exterior paint. Though wallpaper is a simple addition, it can bring new life to the inside of a coop, especially one with walls that have seen better days. There are plenty of options for adhesive wallpaper these days, so you are bound to find patterns that suit the look you are aiming for with your coop.

One thing that Drinking With Chickens makes certain is that you shouldn’t be afraid of playing with bright colors. Your chickens won’t mind!

4. Curtained Comfort from Fresh Eggs Daily

Check out this tour of stunning chicken coop by Fresh Eggs Daily:

In the video, there are many wonderful ideas for both the exterior and interior of your chicken coop. First off, the exterior is gorgeous, with plenty of greenery and flowers to complement the gorgeous interior of the coop. It looks like a mini-mansion for the flock. The double doors open up to a cottage with a nesting box area with checkered curtains. Old fashioned ladles hang on the wall as a decoration. Above that are signs on the walls, fresh from a farmhouse kitchen.

For a roost, there are a couple of ladder roosts where the chickens can sleep. Behind that is a patterned black and white wallpaper to complement the curtains. Overall, this is a lovely setup, one that can inspire you to make your chickens’ coop into a home.

5. Make It Ritzy by Chelsea Hansler

No one ever said you had to have a chicken coop that looks like a chicken coop. A little touch of luxe hanging from the ceiling in the form of a chandelier adds depth to the coop. The chickens probably feel rich. Plus, that extra light is great for promoting healthy egg-laying cycles, even in the winter.

Another idea to take from this is the mural on the wall. You do not have to follow the same route, but some artwork eliminates the need for extra decorations that add clutter. Instead, you have a beautiful display bringing cheer to the hen house.

If you don’t feel artsy, don’t worry. You can hang posters or framed pictures on the walls, too.

6. Homey Coop by Call It Christian

Another example of a coop that doesn’t feel like a coop is this one by Call It Christian. The pattern on the floor, the seasonal touches of pumpkins, and the worn chair give this coop so much character. It’s a simple display, separated from the sleeping area of the chickens, but it also makes the coop feel more cheerful and welcoming.

So lesson learned: You can set up a detailed display like this and keep it clean by separating it from where the chickens spend the night. Also, separating the decorations makes them easier to swap out when the seasons change.

7. A Chicken Bungalow by Emily Yew

Farmhouse meets cottage appeal in this chicken coop design. Inside is spacious and open, providing the chickens plenty of space to move around throughout the day and night. The windows, nice and large, let in enough air, too. The walls are simple and unadorned, but that just makes this coop look all the more welcoming and warm.

8. A Classic Approach by Tone Alexander

Probably one of the most incredible chicken coops to have ever been constructed is this call back to ancient times, when bathhouses were made of marble and limestone. The nesting boxes are carved into the stone then padded with straw. The frame with the scroll work up top is actually a place for the chickens to roost. Imagine all the photographic possibilities of a coop like this!

Examples like this truly prove that you can be as creative as you want when it comes to making a home for your hens.

9. Fresh and Clean by Benny and the Chicks

Here is an example of how simplicity is often the best design. This coop looks pristine and spacious, thanks to a fresh coat of bright white paint, sunlight coming through the window, a raised section of roosts, and a little alcove of nesting boxes on the separate wall. There is plenty of space on the ground for chickens to walk around, as well as a color xylophone on the wall for play.

The best idea here, though, has to be the raised platform beneath the roosts, making it easier to clean away poo that drops overnight.

10. A Touch of Pink by What the Cluck Melton Mowbray

Some cute artwork and comfortable-looking nesting boxes complete this coop. Off to the side, you can see a simple roost with a ramp leading up to it — an excellent idea for larger breeds of chickens. The pink in the nesting boxes is a soothing color that is sure to get those hens happily laying eggs. Overall, this is a simple interior, but it looks open and homey. Chickens are bound to love it.

Why not try hanging up some seasonal lights and ornaments inside and outside the coop?

11. Gardening Inspiration by Jens Henz

Do you love an industry or workshop vibe? First off, the sign “The Chick Inn” is great. You can also see how the interior of the chicken coop has been decorated with outdoorsy touches, such as two metal shelves for all kinds of tools. Though the chickens won’t be using those tools, it does add to the atmosphere, making the coop look truly lived in. It’s cute in an effortless way, proving that you don’t have to do much to make your coop look phenomenal.

12. Count Your Blessing and Your Eggs by Purely Chickens

Hanging up some simple signs in the coop definitely jazz up the place, as well as a metal thermometer to help you keep track of how hot it gets inside. The best part about this interior, though, would be the nesting boxes. The fire engine red on the top, as well as the metal shelving gives them a quintessential farmhouse look, but the curtains are an elegant touch. The hens are bound to love having some privacy.

Plus, Purely Chickens, the owner of this coop, came up with a fantastic idea for swapping out her nesting box curtains. She glued magnets to the top of the fabric so the curtains can be easily removed and washed.

In Conclusion

See any chicken coop interior ideas that you absolutely love? Aside from ensuring there are roosts and nesting boxes and windows, chicken coops can also have chandeliers, wallpaper, and decorations throughout the space. Decorating the coop is bound to bring more joy to the daily tasks you have to do there, and it certainly provides a great background for taking photos of your chickens and their eggs.