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Chicken Coop Paint Ideas: Best Colors For Your Coop

One of the biggest dilemmas you are going to run into with your coop is the color. Not only do you want to choose a paint that is going to withstand the elements, you also want a color that you enjoy. If you have been struggling with choosing the best colors for your coop, don’t worry. There are so many colors out there and things to consider about paints that you made the right choice coming here first.

Once you’ve read through all this information and the chicken coop paint ideas, you will be able to confidently choose the best colors for your coop. Let’s get started.

How to Choose Paint That’s Safe For Chickens

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You might have some paint left from home renovations that you think would be perfect for your coop. Think again! There are a lot of commercial paints out there with toxic ingredients. Many animals, including chickens, are highly sensitive to the volatile compounds and odors of paint.

And before you shrug and think that putting whatever kind of paint on the exterior is okay, remember that those ingredients will penetrate the wood. Your chickens will inhale those chemicals, even when they’re inside the coop. That will make their home rather unpleasant.

Volatile Compounds in Paint

Paint doesn’t smell great. That’s a fact of life most of us come to deal with. However, while you might be able to deal with paint fumes, your chickens can’t. Furthermore, many paints contain two organic compounds that can be toxic: formaldehyde and benzene.

Formaldehyde can cause breathing conditions, inhibit the immune system, and even cause cancer when inhaled.

Benzene is known to cause cancer, such as leukemia, and even damage chromosomes.

Both of these ingredients contribute to smog. Not only that, but paint is an air pollutant. Breathe in too many fumes, and you might develop nausea, dizziness, headaches, and even difficulty breathing. Imagine what could happen to a much smaller animal, like your precious flock!

Off-Gas and Paint

There is one more thing you need to consider when choosing paint for the chicken coop. It’s called “off-gassing,” and it’s something that can happen for years after the paint has been applied.

Off-gassing is when the volatile compounds — benzene and formaldehyde — release gaseous vapors once the paint is on the wall.

So does that mean that no paint is safe for chickens? Nope! All it means is that you have to be highly selective about the brands you are using when thinking about chicken coop paint ideas. After all, you want the best for your chickens. Choose the best paint.

The Safest Brands of Paint Available

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Fortunately, more people are becoming aware of the dangers of painting their chicken coops with toxic paint. A couple of brands have caught on to the demand for cleaner, safer paint. Here are three excellent brands that deliver high quality paint and gorgeous colors:

Cuprinol Garden Shades Exterior Woodcare

Cuprinol is an excellent brand that has safe paint for all your outdoor needs. Put the paint on your coops, sheds, and fences for lasting protection from the elements, as well as vibrant color. The paint is water-based, and it doesn’t contain any of the worrisome chemicals many other brands use. While Cuprinol Garden Shades Exterior Woodcare is designed for exterior surfaces, it also works for the interior of your chicken coop, too.

ECOS WoodShield Stain Varnish or Pet Dwelling Paints

Do you consider yourself eco-conscious? The you’re going to love the ECOS brand. Whether you choose to stain or paint the chicken coop, ECOs has plenty of colors and varieties to select. You can even get paint with primer. Finishes for the Pet Dwelling paints include eggshell, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.

ECOS WoodShield Stain Varnish has no odor and is water-based. If you find that your chickens have sensitivities to some materials or smells, this could be a great option.

The Real Milk Paint Co.

Are you looking for a paint that is 100% free of harmful chemicals and 100% organic? Check out the lineup from The Real Milk Paint Company. Did you know that in the past milk paints were exceptionally popular? Well, this company brought them back.

The only drawback to these paints is the bit of labor involved. They arrive on your doorstep in powder form, and you’re required to mix the paint yourself. However, you get 56 colors to choose from, so if you’re looking for something truly unique, you should find it at The Real Milk Paint Co.

Chicken Coop Paint Ideas and Color Schemes

There are beautiful chicken coops out there. Most are decorated beautifully with charming color combinations. Whether you decide to go down the traditional barnyard route or want something a bit more thrilling, painting your chicken coop should be a fun experience.

But you have to figure out which colors you’re using first! So here are some chicken coop paint ideas:

  • White – will reflect heat in the summer, keeping the interior of the chicken coop cooler than dark colors. White also looks fresh and clean.
  • Yellow – bright and sunny, yellow can have a calming effect on chickens.
  • Orange – bright but not too intense, orange reminds chickens of daylight. Keep in mind that orange can be seen from a distance and may attract curious predators.
  • Red – the classic barnyard color.
  • Purple – a calming color that puts chickens at ease.
  • Blue – soothing and mellow, blues work well in environments with lots of greenery.
  • Dark greens and earth tones – mossy or earthen colors can add some aesthetic appeal to your yard. A great choice for places with a lot of shade or when you want the coop to blend in.
  • Brown – chickens love the color of dirt and will find brown a safe color.
  • Gray – not exciting for humans, but it is reflective when light and soothing for birds.
  • Bronze – a natural warming color. Best for cooler environments, as it may attract heat.
white chicken coop
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Now that you know which colors are great for chicken coops, here are some ideas for how to color the coop:


  • Barn red with white trim
  • Light blue with gray trim
  • Buttery yellow with white trim
  • Completely white – you’ll need to keep this one clean, but it will look lovely
  • Brown stain with black or white trim
  • Gray with blue trim


  • Dark or cherry red stain on the walls
  • Light yellow and brown-stained floors
  • Light or dark gray
  • Lavender or light purple
  • Baby powder blue

Tips For Choosing The Best Colors for Your Chicken Coop

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Now that you have some ideas of what brands and colors are best for chicken coops, here are some additional tips to help you out:

  • Less is more! While there is a plethora of colors to choose from, you don’t want your coop to look busy or chaotic. Too many colors can also overstimulate the chickens and make it unpleasant for them.
  • Consider the location, size, and shape of the coop.
  • Opt for color combinations, such as green and white, or blue with green trim, to help break up colors and add dimension.
  • If the coop is some place dark or up against dark features, you can paint it a brighter color to help it stand out.
  • Want a minimalist vibe? Go with more contemporary or industrial colors, such as grays, blacks, and whites.
  • Is your coop located near a water feature? Add to the ambiance and paint the coop colors that look like water.
  • Make your coop pop with bright, cheery colors, such as the classic red and white combination.


As you can see, there are plenty of chicken coop paint ideas to think about. Just remember that you need to choose a chicken-safe brand and take the less is more approach. Also consider the location, size, and shape of the coop. You want to choose a paint that will withstand the elements but also looks aesthetically pleasing. So, which color are you going to pick?