Can Chickens Eat Collard Greens?

Can Chickens Eat Collard Greens

Whether you are a homesteader growing fresh collard greens or picked up too many fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market, you may find yourself wondering what you can give your chickens. There are many things a chicken can eat, as they are omnivorous, like people. However, can chickens eat collard greens safely? Let’s find out. … Read more

DIY – How To Build a Chicken Hoop Coop

DIY - How To Build a Chicken Hoop Coop

When raising chickens you may find that you want to let them free range but in a smaller, more protected area. This is especially true if your yard is boxed in by other houses or when you have seen hawks looping overhead. Fortunately, there are a plethora of DIY options out there that are also … Read more

Cayenne Pepper For Chickens — What Are The Benefits?

Cayenne Pepper For Chickens

Cayenne pepper, renowned for having a fiery taste and brilliant color, is a kitchen staple around the world. Yet, it also has potential in the backyard. Chickens, like most birds, possess a unique trait — they lack taste receptors for sweetness and spiciness. Surprisingly, this means that they can happily consume spicy foods, including cayenne … Read more

Flystrike in Backyard Chickens — Causes and Treatment

Flystrike in Backyard Chickens

Fresh eggs and feathered companionship. Owning chickens certainly has a number of benefits. However, when taking care of any animal, you also have to account for the things that aren’t so good, such as health conditions and diseases. Among the various health issues that can impact your flock, flystrike is one of the worst. If … Read more

Svart Hona Chicken Breed Profile

Svart Hona Chicken Breed

There are many beautiful chicken breeds in existence, some with fascinating histories and genealogies. One of those breeds is known as the Svart Hona, a breed that is reminiscent of the Ayam Cemani, the all-black chicken of Indonesia. Let’s learn more about the rare Svart Hona, including where this breed comes from, how it came … Read more

Green Chicken Poop: Causes & Treatments

Green Chicken Poop

The sight of green chicken poop can be alarming. While the color can be off-putting, green chicken poop is not always a cause for concern. Today, you are going to learn about healthy chicken poop, what causes green chicken poop, and how to treat it. When this fecal phenomenon happens, you want to ensure that … Read more

Bovans Brown Chicken Breed Guide

Bovans Brown Chicken Breed Guide

Whether you are considering opening an egg business, homesteading, or simply keeping chickens as companions, you want to make sure you are choosing the correct breed. There are many chicken breeds out there to choose from, but if you are looking for one that is truly versatile, consider the Bovans Brown. These chickens are renowned … Read more

Turken “Naked Neck” Chicken Breed Guide

Turken “Naked Neck” Chicken Breed Guide

Chicken breeds are a world of their own that is diverse and unique. Each breed has its own characteristics and quirks and history. One breed that stands out in particular is the Turken chicken, affectionately nicknamed the “Naked Neck” due to its featherless neck and face. Despite not being as popular as some other chicken … Read more

Are Chickens Dinosaurs?

Are Chickens Dinosaurs

Could it truly be that the chickens clucking away in your backyard are related to dinosaurs or could be dinosaurs themselves? Surprisingly, chickens, along with other modern day birds, have descended from dinosaurs. Evolution is intricate and spans millennia, as seen with theropod dinosaurs evolving into chickens. Let’s take a look at the connection between … Read more

Do Chickens Have Brains? How Big?

Do Chickens Have Brains

You have probably heard the phrase “running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” Generally, this phrase means running around frantically or without reason. Another phrase that may come to mind is “bird brain.” These sayings may make you wonder whether chickens have brains. Well, the answer might surprise you. Chickens do have … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Dog Food? Is It Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Dog Food

Chickens are omnivores, as are dogs. Though chickens and dogs belong to different species, there are some similarities in their diets. So, you may wonder, can chickens eat dog food? Is it safe? This intriguing question has captivated many chicken keepers. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve deep into the world of chickens and dog … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Plums? Is It Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Plums

Chickens can enjoy a vast variety of fruits and vegetables in their diet. For a chicken keeper, introducing new treats can be a fun and enjoyable experience. For your chickens, the benefit is much the same. Fruits, in particular, make for tasty and nutritious treats that chickens adore. But can they safely enjoy plums? In … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Chicken? Is It Illegal or Unethical?

Can Chickens Eat Chicken

As a chicken owner, you have probably watched your chickens try a variety of foods. You probably toss them kitchen scraps regularly, knowing that the flock will pick through what they want. But have you ever considered giving chicken to your chickens? For many, this is a bit of a conundrum. Is it illegal to … Read more

Why Do Chickens Dig Holes and Sit in Them?

Why Do Chickens Dig Holes and Sit in Them

Anyone who has sat and watched chickens for a time will come to realize that they are quirky creatures and rather unpredictable. However, of their many odd behaviors, many deeply rooted in their instincts, are some behaviors more perplexing than most. One such intriguing behavior is when chickens dig holes and sit in them. Why … Read more

Chicken Ears and Earlobes: Do Chicken Have Them?

Chicken Ears and Earlobes

Chickens are fascinating. Not only are they appreciated for their delicious eggs and succulent meat, but they also can be charming companions around the home. Yet, most people do not know much about the finer details of chicken biology. For example, have you ever wondered if chickens have ears or earlobes like people? Additionally, how … Read more

How to Tell if a Chicken Has a Broken Leg? How to Treat?

How to Tell if a Chicken Has a Broken Leg

Chickens are charming and comical and not always the most graceful of companions in the backyard. Many chicken keepers have stories of chicken mishaps that result in a few bumps and bruises on their feathered friends. Sometimes chickens wind up with more concerning injuries, including broken bones. As a chicken owner, being able to identify … Read more

Do Owls Eat Chickens? How to Protect Your Flock

Do Owls Eat Chickens How to Protect Your Flock

Owls, with their mysterious nocturnal lives and remarkable hunting skills, are both fascinating and fearsome. They are apex predators during the night and also play a crucial role in balancing ecosystems. Just think, without owls, this world might be overwhelmed with rodents and smaller birds. However, backyard chicken keepers do not always have a loving … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Zucchini? Is It Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Zucchini

In your garden, you might have an assortment of green summertime vegetables, including zucchini. Like most chicken owners, you obviously want your chickens to have a varied and healthy diet. This often leads to the question: can chickens eat zucchini? Is it safe for them to have? Incorporating this summer vegetable in your flock’s diet … Read more

Why Do Chickens Lay Unfertilized Eggs?

Why Do Chickens Lay Unfertilized Eggs

Chickens have been a part of farms and backyards for centuries now. Since humans have kept chickens, there has been one intriguing aspect about the species that continues to raise questions. Why do chickens lay unfertilized eggs? What is the purpose? Today, those questions are going to be answered as we delve into the biology … Read more

Do Chickens Have Tongues?

Do Chickens Have Tongues

Chickens are fascinating creatures. Not only do they have lovely plumage and personalities, they also have anatomy unlike our own. While you may not often consider the finer details of their biology, exploring the inner workings of chickens can provide you with some insights. For example, do chickens have tongues? Let’s find out. Chicken Anatomy: … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Cat Food? Is It Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Cat Food

On first glance, you might think that dry or wet cat food would be the ideal addition to your chicken’s diet. Maybe you have even thought of using a scoop or two of cat food as a substitute for chicken feed. But can chickens eat cat food? Is it safe for them? While the immediate … Read more

5 Easy to Build DIY Chicken Waterers: PVC and Other Materials

Easy to Build DIY Chicken Waterers PVC and Other Materials

In the world of chicken keeping, ensuring a constant and clean water supply is essential for happy and healthy hens. If you’re looking for cost-effective and easy-to-build solutions, we’ve got you covered. Instead of going out and purchasing a chicken waterer, you can make your own out of PVC and other materials. The advantage of … Read more

Top 13 Yellow Chicken Breeds (With Pictures)

Yellow Chicken Breeds

In a world of diverse and fascinating chicken breeds, there’s something truly special about the enchanting allure of yellow feathered beauties. From the stunning golden plumage to the gentle amber shades, these charming chickens have captured the hearts of poultry enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you are looking to add more color to your flock or are … Read more

Mosaic Chickens: Complete Breed Guide!

Mosaic Chicken Breed

Chickens are varied, proven by the sheer number of breeds that exist. The Mosaic chicken breed is yet another beautiful addition to the world of poultry. This breed features striking colors and patterns that have won it the attention of many chicken enthusiasts. Yet, if you are looking to bring this breed home, you may … Read more

10 Chicken Colors: Which Are Most Popular?

Chicken Colors Which Are Most Popular

Have you ever wondered about the fascinating array of colors that chickens can come in? These feathered friends are not just limited to the traditional white or brown you might picture in your mind. From vibrant reds to stunning blues, the world of chicken colors is a delightful palette waiting to be explored. Let’s take … Read more

Can You Eat 2 Week Old Hard Boiled Eggs?

Can You Eat 2 Week Old Hard Boiled Eggs

Ah, the humble hard-boiled egg — a versatile snack, a protein-packed meal component, and a staple of picnics and packed lunches. But what happens when those perfectly boiled eggs start sitting in the fridge, forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of life? The inevitable question arises: Can you eat 2-week-old hard-boiled eggs? Let’s crack this … Read more

When Do Easter Eggers Start Laying?

When Do Easter Eggers Start Laying

Easter Egger chickens are a popular choice among poultry enthusiasts due to their plentiful and colorful eggs. With backyard chicken keeping becoming more popular, it is no surprise that more people are bringing Easter Eggers home. Doing so also raises a couple of questions, including, “When do Easter Eggers start laying eggs?” If you are … Read more

Why Are There So Many Chickens in Maui, HI?

Why Are There So Many Chickens in Maui

Tourists in Maui spend much of their time and money searching for sea whales and turtles. However, one local species requires only a tiny bit of effort to spot. Which one, you may ask? The wild Maui chickens. These chickens can be seen everywhere on the island, even in the densest areas. Obviously, from the … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Pomegranates? Are They Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Pomegranates

Chickens are rather curious eaters, willing to try anything once, even if it is not the best choice for them. As a chicken owner, you probably only want to give your chickens things that they are going to both enjoy and get some nutrition from. That raises the question: Can chickens eat superfoods like pomegranates? … Read more

What Did Chickens Evolve From?

What Did Chickens Evolve From

The modern day chicken comes in many shapes and sizes and colors. As chickens become more and more popular as a backyard pet, and as more breeds and hybrids are introduced, you may start to wonder, “How did we get here?” Fascinatingly, the modern chicken has come a long way — when speaking of its … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Nectarines? Are They Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Nectarines

As a chicken owner, it is understandable that you want to double check which foods are safe for your chickens to consume. After all, while chickens are omnivores, they can’t be given everything off your plate. That raises the question: “Can chickens eat nectarines?” You may be wary of giving your chickens nectarines since they … Read more

Black Diamond Chicken Breed Guide

Black Diamond Chicken Breed

Curious about a breed that exudes elegance and mystique? Ever wondered what lies behind the mesmerizing allure of the Black Diamond Chicken? The Black Diamond chicken is a marvel to behold, as it looks similar to the rare Ayam Cemani. If you are curious about these birds, this Black Diamond Chicken Breed Guide will provide … Read more

What is a Banty Rooster? With Pictures!

What is a Banty Rooster

A banty rooster refers to a bantam rooster, which is a miniature-sized chicken. Bantams rather than being a breed of their own have instead been selectively bred for their small size and unique characteristics. They come in various breeds, each with its own specific traits and appearances. Some popular banty breeds include the Silkie, Sebright, … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Almonds? Is It Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Almonds

Almonds may be your favorite nut, but are they good for other animals, like your chickens? While chickens are omnivorous birds with a diverse diet, there are some things they just shouldn’t eat. When it comes to almonds, there are some safety issues and health risks to keep in mind, even though almonds are generally … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Pickles? Are Pickles Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Pickles

Chickens are omnivorous creatures known for their diverse diets. As backyard chicken keeping gains popularity, poultry enthusiasts often wonder about suitable treats for their feathered friends. One common question is whether chickens can eat pickles. Let’s learn whether pickles are good and safe for chickens to eat and whether you should give them this tangy, … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Okra? Is It Safe?

Can Chickens Eat Okra? Is It Safe

Many chicken owners also have bountiful gardens filled with fresh vegetables and greens to go with those newly laid eggs. As a chicken owner, you may find yourself pondering which of these botanical wonders your feathered friends can also enjoy. If you happen to be growing okra, you may have some dishes already in mind, … Read more

Elector PSP For Chickens: Lice & Mites Treatment

Elector PSP For Chickens

Picture this: You have a beautiful flock of chickens, but there’s a tiny hitch — those pesky mites and lice that love to infest their feathers and cause all sorts of trouble. Getting rid of lice and mites can be a long, hard-fought trial, unless you have the right product to help. That is where … Read more

Rutin Chicken: What Is It?

Rutin Chicken

There are many kinds of egg-laying birds out there that you can bring home and make part of your flock. Chickens and ducks aside, have you ever considered raising partridge or quails? Well, now, you can get the best of both with the Rutin chicken. While the name is somewhat confusing, the Rutin chicken is … Read more

Kikiriki Chickens: Complete Breed Guide

Kikiriki Chicken Breed

Looking for a small chicken who fears next to nothing? Then you may be interested in the Malay Serama, also known as the Kikiriki chicken. This remarkable breed from Malaysia is renowned for its small size, unique appearance, and confidence. It’s not tiny wonder that these birds are becoming more and more popular throughout the … Read more

Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken: Breed Guide

Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken Breed

Beauty, versatility, and reliability. If you are looking for those traits in a chicken, you may be interested in the gorgeous Plymouth Blue Rock. As a member of the Plymouth Rock family, this color variation has captured the hearts of poultry enthusiasts worldwide. With their striking blue plumage, excellent egg production, and amiable personalities, Plymouth … Read more

Welbar Chicken Breed Guide

Welbar Chicken Breed

If you’re searching for a remarkable addition to your backyard flock, look no further than the captivating Welbar chicken breed. With their distinctive barred plumage, impressive egg-laying abilities, and friendly temperaments, Welbars are a breed that encompasses both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Whether you’re a seasoned chicken keeper or just starting your flock, Welbars offer … Read more

Hawk-Proofing: How to Keep Hawks Away From Chickens

How to Keep Hawks Away From Chickens

Owning chickens is a rewarding experience from beginning to end. You get fresh eggs, companionship, and even meat for the table. However, there are times when keeping chickens can also be a bit of a hassle, especially when you start noticing hawks hovering overhead. Hawks and other aerial predators are majestic but also a nuisance. … Read more

Do Chickens Have Hair?

Do Chickens Have Hair

Feathers, fluff, and fabulousness — these are the features that come to mind when we think of our fine feathered friends, chickens. But amidst all the clucking and scratching, a question that has left us in a state of pondering is: Do chickens have hair? It’s time to untangle this feathered mystery and find out … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Raise & Own Backyard Chickens?

How Much Does It Cost to Raise Backyard Chickens

In recent years, with the cost of eggs and other essentials rising at the grocery store, many people have decided to raise and own their own chickens. After all, there are many benefits to fresh eggs and meat, organic pest control, and self-sufficiency. However, like any endeavor, there are costs associated with raising and owning … Read more

Smokey Pearl Chicken Breed Guide

Smokey Pearl Chicken Breed

The Smokey Pearl chicken is a stunning and unique breed that is becoming increasingly popular among backyard chicken keepers. This breed is a relatively new addition to the chicken world (introduced just in 2023), but it’s quickly gaining popularity due to its unique coloration and friendly disposition.This breed guide will tell you everything you need … Read more

Green Queen Chicken Breed: Eggs & Raising Tips

Green Queen Chicken Breed

Do you love Easter Egger chickens for their green eggs? If you found yourself wishing for another chicken breed that could deliver colorful eggs, you are in luck. The Green Queen hybrid is an incredible new breed that not only brings a striking appearance to your yard but also dozens of lovely green eggs. Here … Read more

Corid For Chickens: Dosage & Treatment of Coccidiosis

Corid For Chickens

Chickens are some of the most charming and delightful creatures in the world of backyard animal husbandry. However, with the joys of keeping chickens come the challenges of keeping them healthy. One of the most common ailments that backyard chicken keepers encounter is coccidiosis. But don’t worry, there’s a treatment that can help: Corid. Here … Read more

Black Spots on Chicken Comb: Causes & Treatments

Black Spots on Chicken Comb

As a chicken owner, you’re likely familiar with the various bumps, ridges, and warts that can develop on your birds’ combs. But now you are seeing black spots on your chickens’ combs and wondering what the cause could be. Although black spots may look terrible, the reasons behind these spots are not always malignant. Today, … Read more

Mystic Onyx Chicken Breed: Complete Guide

mystic onyx chicken breed

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a chicken that looks magical and rare? There are certainly many breeds that can fit the bill, but few are as stunning as the Svart Hona or Ayam Cemani breeds. Now there is a new chicken breed known as the Mystic Onyx that is rapidly rising … Read more