The 5 Best Home Wind Turbines

Best Home Wind Turbines

Living off the grid doesn’t mean going caveman. Use electricity for safe, practical living (think lighting the darkness and storing food safely). You might live a grid-connected life and still want to use a home wind turbine. Not only is wind power eco-friendly, it can cut your electricity bill by nearly 90%. Create your own power! Use the Earth’s […]

The 7 Best Solar Lanterns for Camping and Home

Best solar lanterns

The dark can be dangerous. Lighting the darkness can be dangerous, too, if your source is unsafe. A good solar powered lantern will keep you going even in the dark. Without dealing with fuel like kerosene, you’ll be safer and healthier—and so will the planet and its people. Keep your world light and the Earth green by using […]

The Five Best Outdoor Solar Lights For Small Spaces

Best outdoor solar lights

Did you know the typical moderate halogen outdoor lighting system costs about $25 monthly in electricity? You can save $300 annually with outdoor solar lighting that harnesses sun energy rather than plugs into your residential electrical system.  And if you get a home wind turbine, that would be an abundant amount of savings there! Take the next step […]

The 5 Best Garden Windmills for Home Use

best garden windmills

Personal garden windmills use wind for water health. Many people don’t realize that the windmills they spot in the countryside are keeping ponds healthy. Leaving your pond alone to fend for itself often results in low oxygen, decay, poor water quality, and dead plants and fish. Oh, and stagnant-smelling surroundings, too. Windmills fix that.Windmills make healthy ponds without […]

The 5 Best Small Chicken Coop for Urban Areas

Best small chicken coops

Urban dwellers need to look for well designed and functioning small chicken coops because free ranging isn’t feasible with close neighbors…. and common larger coops just won’t fit in most small yard spaces.Chickens need the proper space to grow and thrive.That means you must find the perfect size small chicken coop that gives your chickens […]