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The 10 Best Small Greenhouse Kits, Reviewed. Which Mini Greenhouse Kit Is Best For You?

Limited outdoor or indoor space? Don’t let it stop you from growing plants all year round. These best small greenhouse kits shelter and protect plants, herbs, and flowers without consuming half of your living space. 

We have a walk-in greenhouse, a single plant greenhouse, and everything in between. We’ve even found a mini greenhouse that works with your raised beds.

10 Best Small Greenhouse Reviews  

Whether you are hoping to get a jump start on spring planting or trying to protect your exotic plant collection, we have a mini greenhouse kit that can help you. Indoor or outdoor- large or small, we’ll help you find a suitable greenhouse to keep your plants safe.

Here’s a quick chart showing our picks for the top ten best small greenhouses.

Best Overall Best Overall Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse
  • Rust-resistant tubes
  • Heavy-duty cover
  • Shelves can slide

Runner Up Runner Up Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse
  • Large enough to stand-in
  • Rope, anchors, and zip ties are included
  • Won’t stand up to extreme weather

Budget Pick Budget Pick ShelterLogic Mini Greenhouse ShelterLogic Mini Greenhouse
  • Thick PVC cover
  • Double zipper door panel
  • Can overheat plants

No products found. Ikea Socker Greenhouse
  • Attractive design
  • Protects plants
  • Huge gap in the roof

Best Choice Products Mini Greenhouse Best Choice Products Mini Greenhouse
  • Door opens from bottom or top
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be wobbly

No products found. TOOCA Mini Greenhouse
  • Curtain opens from top or bottom for better ventilation
  • Clear PVC cover
  • Won’t withstand wind

Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Greenhouse Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Greenhouse
  • Removable shelves to accommodate taller plants
  • Great for seed germination
  • Can tip over

Gardman R687 Mini Greenhouse Gardman R687 Mini Greenhouse
  • Comes with stakes to secure it to the ground
  • Easy assembly- no tools required
  • Need to zip tie shelves

Quictent Cloche Greenhouse Quictent Cloche Greenhouse
  • Perfect for raised beds and small gardens
  • Two doors
  • Zippers break easily

Turui Mini Pop up Greenhouse Turui Mini Pop up Greenhouse
  • Perfect for a few small plants
  • Can be staked down with included stakes
  • Not very durable

Still can’t decide? Check out our mini greenhouse reviews.

1. Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse – Best Overall

Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse


  • Frame: Steel

  • Cover: Green Polyethylene
  • Size: 27”x18“x62″
  • Shelves: 4 removable shelves

No gardener wants to wake up to pots and planters all smashed to the floor. So, to address this concern, Ohuhu made their small portable greenhouse kit as sturdy as possible by using a thick tubular frame

The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse can support up to 23.4lbs or 10 kilos of weight, which is impressive considering this 4-tier greenhouse has a small footprint. So, how many plants can it house?

Each shelf can house 2-3 pots. Of course, it’s going to depend on the container’s size. If you have a 14″ pot or larger, there may not be enough space. But should you ever have a tall plant, you can have more vertical space by removing the shelves. 

In terms of protecting plants from extreme weather conditions, you won’t be disappointed. Instead of using a thin plastic that easily breaks from a strong wind gust, Ohuhu uses a PE material. 

But not just an ordinary polyethylene cover. It is reinforced with green grid lines, making it thicker and more robust to protect your plants. Plus, you don’t have to worry about plant burn because it is water and UV-resistant. 

“But wouldn’t it overheat my plants?” 

No, you can roll up the door and use the two straps to allow air to flow through. When night falls, you put the door down, zip it up, and protect your plants from freezing temperatures. 

2. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse – Runner Up

Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse


  • Frame: Alloy steel

  • Cover: Clear PVC
  • Size: 56.3″x56.3″x76.7″
  • Shelves: 8 removable shelves

Coming in at second place is the Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-in Greenhouse

Comparing it with our top choice, the Home-Complete has a larger footprint, which may not be ideal if you already have a cramped backyard space. But its larger size means easy access and saves you from the hassle of taking each pot out when you need to graft, fertilize, and transplant any of your plants. 

Of course, a larger greenhouse means that it has more growing space for flowers, exotic plants, and more. Instead of four shelves, you’ll get eight! And all of them are removable, giving you more area to house larger and new plants. 

You can even put a drip irrigation system and a 2-3 gallon bucket inside to water plants while away

The issues we found with this greenhouse are its size and overall durability. It’s not as massive as a large greenhouse with polycarbonate panels and an aluminum frame, but it’s not something we would recommend for indoor use – unless you’re willing to give up a quarter (or more) of your living room space.  

If you’re going to use it outdoors, be on the lookout for gusting winds. The alloy steel frame isn’t as durable as our top choice. If you want this greenhouse, keep it in your garage or reinforce it. 

3. ShelterLogic Mini Greenhouse – Budget Pick

ShelterLogic Mini Greenhouse


  • Frame: Steel

  • Cover: Clear PVC
  • Size: 23.1″x17.4″x57.1″
  • Shelves: 4 removable shelves

Tight on cash but need to protect one or two plants? Check out our budget pick, the ShelterLogic Mini Greenhouse

At a cheap price point, you’d expect this mini greenhouse kit to be unreliable, but surprisingly enough, it has the same great features as other best greenhouse kits. 

You’ll get the same four-tier design with removable shelves as our top pick – even the rollable door is identical. The only difference is the cover. 

It has a clear PVC cover, which is great to have when you want to conveniently check herbs that grow well together or show off your newly bloomed flowers. 

Depending on where you live, the cover choice can be good or bad. If your area experiences sudden weather changes, our top pick’s reinforced cover can provide better protection. 

4. Ikea Socker Greenhouse

No products found.


  • Frame: Steel

  • Cover: Polystyrene
  • Size: 17″x9″x13″
  • Shelves: 0

It doesn’t matter if you’re protecting your indoor plants and herbs from a ravaging cat or some other source of destruction. The Ikea Socker Greenhouse will keep them safe and sound and look great while at it.

Compared to other small greenhouses on our list, this mini indoor greenhouse doesn’t rely on PVC cover to protect your plants. Instead, it has clear polystyrene panels, which you can easily clean, like glass panels, with a damp cloth. 

It’s not the same as polycarbonate panels or glass, but you can expect these types of greenhouse panels to be sturdier than a plastic cover. 

The one complaint people have is there a huge gap along the roof that lets heat escape. You can line it with masking tape to keep the greenhouse warm for your plants. The fix is not aethestically pleasing, but it will do the trick. 

5. Best Choice Products Mini Greenhouse

Best Choice Products Mini Greenhouse


  • Frame: Steel

  • Cover: Clear Polyethylene
  • Size: 40″x20″x 63.5″
  • Shelves: 4 removable shelves

Another 4 tier mini greenhouse is Best Choice Products Mini Greenhouse. Like the Ohuhu, it features a steel frame and polyethylene cover, but this mini greenhouse is a bit wider and deeper. The shelves are 40 inches wide, giving you more space for more plant pots.

The plastic cover is clear rather than green, so be careful in bright sun – unless you want your plants to die from extreme heat. Don’t worry. This greenhouse’s front door is also rollable. Whenever it is hot outside, you can roll it up and give your plants some fresh air. 

6. TOOCA Mini Greenhouse

No products found.


  • Frame: Iron

  • Cover Clear: PVC
  • Size: 27″x19″x50″
  • Shelves: 3 removable shelves

The TOCOA Mini Greenhouse has three tiers rather than four, so it has less vertical space. But the small size makes this perfect for kids with a green thumb who want to take care of a few plants. 

The small greenhouse kit comes with an iron frame and a clear PVC cover, ideal for keeping an eye on your young plants. The ribbon ties make it easy to hold the roll-up zippered door to increase ventilation for your plants. 

Whether you’re growing plants indoors or outside, this small greenhouse will help protect your plants.

7. Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Greenhouse

Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Greenhouse


  • Frame: Steel

  • Cover: Green Polyethylene
  • Size: 27″x16″x16″
  • Shelves: 4 removable shelves

You can extend your growing season with the Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Greenhouse

You can use this as a small indoor greenhouse during the cold weather to start your seeds. Then once it is warm enough, you can move the entire structure outside, plants and all. If it doesn’t get too cold in your climate, you can use this for overwintering plants. 

The green polyethylene is weather-resistant and provides protection from harmful UV rays. But I wouldn’t try and use this outdoors year-round if you live somewhere with freezing weather.

8. Gardman R687 Mini Greenhouse

Gardman R687 Mini Greenhouse


  • Frame: Steel

  • Cover: Clear Polyethylene
  • Size: 19″x27″x63″
  • Shelves: 4 removable shelves

The Gardman R687 Mini Greenhouse is one of the most reliable small greenhouses if you live somewhere windy. Why? Because you can reinforce it with the included stakes.  

You won’t need any tools to assemble the sturdy steel frame, though you may want to add some zip ties to the shelves for increased stability. You can upgrade this small indoor greenhouse by installing grow lights, thermometers, fans, etc., so you can grow microgreens.

9. Quictent Cloche Greenhouse

Quictent Cloche Greenhouse


  • Frame: Steel frame

  • Cover: Green Polyethylene
  • Size: 71″x36″x36″
  • Shelves: 0

The Quictent Cloche Greenhouse is excellent if you are looking to cover raised beds or get a headstart on the growing season with seeds in the ground. 

Unlike the other greenhouse kits, the Quictent Cloche greenhouse doesn’t come with any shelves. You just place it over your garden beds, raised beds, or pots. Then, open one or both of the two roll-up windows to help with temperature control.

It features a heavy-duty powdered steel frame and a UV-resistant green polyethylene cover. However, it doesn’t have as much vertical space as some of the other greenhouses, so it isn’t the best for tall plants.

10. Turui Mini Pop up Greenhouse

Turui Mini Pop up Greenhouse


  • Frame: Alloy steel

  • Cover: Clear PVC
  • Size: 13.66″x13.66″x0.79″
  • Shelves: 0

The Turui Mini Pop up Greenhouse is the smallest of all the mini-greenhouses on this list. It’s ideal if you have a plant in your garden that you need to protect from cold weather. 

If the weather is hot and you want your plants to breathe, you can roll up its front window. 

It is also the easiest greenhouse kit to assemble because there isn’t a frame or shelves. You simply stake the clear plastic cover over your plant, and you have a greenhouse.  

Since this greenhouse is small, don’t expect it to house more than three large plants simultaneously. You can, however, have several small container plants or seedling trays. If you want to increase its capacity, you can put a 2-3 tier plastic shelf. 

Choosing the Best Greenhouse Kit for your Home

When it comes to buying the best mini greenhouse for you, several factors come into play. While they may look the same on the surface, we will explain different cover materials, frames, and durability. That way, you can be confident you are spending your money wisely, and your plants will stay safe.


If you are looking for a small indoor greenhouse, think about where you will be putting it. Does it need to fit in a specific space in your living room? 

You may want to bust out the tape measure so you can make sure you know exactly how much room you have.

You probably have a little more leeway if you are looking for a small outdoor greenhouse for backyard plants. Gardens are a bit larger. The Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse is excellent if you want to accommodate more plants and have space.


Frame material will depend on how big or small your greenhouse will be. In small residential greenhouse kits, they usually use a tubular steel frame to ease assembly and setup difficulties. Some kits may not even have a metal frame but rely on a pop-up design to keep it upright.

The frame of small greenhouses are usually made from tubular steel frames that you can quickly and effortlessly assemble.

For DIY small greenhouses, the frames are usually made from wood or PVC pipes. If you plan to have a larger greenhouse with polycarbonate panels in the future, your frame choices are beyond steel frames. You can select a thick, heavy-duty, and rust-resistant aluminum frame and even have a galvanized steel base to support the weight of the panels.

Some can even come with climate control features like built-in ventilation fans and adjustable roof vents. Others even have a dedicated room for seed trays and other plants that require special attention.

Cover Protection 

While traditional greenhouses are made of glass, plastics have become an increasingly popular choice to build a small portable greenhouse. The most common materials for mini-greenhouse covers are Polyethelene (PE) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). There are advantages and disadvantages to both materials (1).

“Polyethylene will last from 1 to 3 years depending on the type. Other films such as PVC or co-polymers with ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors last longer.”

You will want the longevity of your greenhouse when choosing your cover. The IKEA Socker Greenhouse uses Polystyrene panels rather than a flexible PE or PVC cover. Polystyrene sheets are rigid and provide more stability but are heavier. 

You will also find that covers come in both clean and green.

small greenhouse with green cover and rolled up windows in the backyard
How much green can you handle?

Transparent materials will allow more light to pass through while green-tinted covers limit light. So if your plants prefer shade, you may want to look for a green cover (2).

Ventilation and Insulation 

If you live someplace, hot ventilation is critical, so you don’t overheat your plants. (3).

“Ventilation requirements vary with the weather and season. One must decide how much the greenhouse will be used.”

Most of the mini-greenhouses on our list have a zipper door you can open and close to adjust the ventilation. However, some are better and easier than others. The Quictent Cloche Greenhouse fits over your raised beds and has two doors that you can adjust to control ventilation.

If you live in a colder climate, you will want more insulation to keep the heat in. You can add an artificial heat source, like a heat lamp, to maintain the temperature for your plants (4).

Check out this video where she uses a mini greenhouse to acclimate her seedlings to the outdoors.


Yes, you can put a greenhouse on soil. The greenhouse will help warm the soil and protect plants. However, without a foundation, your greenhouse is at risk of blowing away. You will want to make sure you stake your greenhouse to the ground so the wind doesn’t destroy it.

No, mini greenhouses do not need direct sunlight, but generally, direct sun for at least part of the day is advised. However, in hot and sunny climates, direct sun can be too intense for the plants, raising the temperature too high. In that case, the greenhouse should be partially shaded.

Yes, a small greenhouse needs ventilation. Without proper ventilation, the plants can overheat, especially when they are in the direct sun. You can increase and decrease the ventilation in your greenhouse by opening and closing the doors or windows.

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