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11 Great Chicken Coop Sign Ideas

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Does it feel like something is missing from your chicken coop’s décor but you don’t know what? Every chicken owner needs a fun chicken coop sign! Hung on the walls or over the coop’s door, chicken coop signs are a great way to brighten up the structure, chicken run, or tie your whole backyard together. Here are 11 great chicken coop sign ideas to get you inspired.

1. Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers

What more can you say? “Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers” is a fun play on words that also has a bit of personality. This is especially true if you head out early in the morning to grab those eggs from your broody ladies.

You can get this sign from a couple of places and dozens of designs. Some examples include Etsy and Amazon.

2. Last One In Is a Rotten Egg

Are your feathered friends taking too long getting into the coop in the evening? Hang this sign to remind them that those eggs aren’t going to lay themselves. Hopefully, this sign also wards away any real rotten eggs.

The good news is that rotten eggs are very rare, occurring in only 3% of eggs laid annually

You can get this sign on Amazon and plenty of other places. You could also make your own with a couple of word stencils and paint on wood. Just don’t forget to apply a waterproof lacquer to any wood signage that you purchase or make.

3. Beware of Tiny Raptors

Sometimes you need reminding that the fluffy creatures that lay delicious eggs are indeed related to dinosaurs. Thankfully, an angry rooster is the closest thing to a Tyrannosaurus Rex these days. Hang this sign to remind your chickens of the days when they were fearsome predators.

You can get this sign on a number of sites, including My Metal Works, PlaythingMarket, and Etsy.

4. Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs

Something wicked this way comes, and it has feathers. You may believe that wicked chickens don’t exist, but some of them do have impish personalities! This sign proclaiming that wicked chickens lay deviled eggs is perfect for decorating your coop for Halloween or just around the year.

After all, what’s a hen without a little attitude?

You can get this sign on Amazon. It’s made out of tin and easy to install.

5. Sometimes You Just Gotta Say Cluck It and Walk Way

One thing that chickens seem adept at doing is deciding that something isn’t worth their time and walking away from it. Sometimes you should listen to the advice of your chickens! If those eggs aren’t ready to hatch, walk away and wait a little longer. Either way, this sign is sure to put a smile on your face or make you chuckle.

You can get this sign on Amazon.

6. Chickens: The Pet That Poops Breakfast

If you need a reminder of where your eggs come from, this sign is it. Of course, chickens do not poop out eggs. Yes, the eggs and poo come from the same area, but the cloaca is split into separate parts. But still, this sign is sure to get a laugh or two from you whenever you see it. Kids will love it, too.

You can get this sign on Amazon and other places.

7. Beware of Attack Chickens

If you want a humorous way to warn your guests that you have some chickens out on patrol, this sign will do it. The sign is simple in design, making it easy to read. If you plan on making your own, consider stickers or paint on a rust-free aluminum.

You can get this sign here.

8. The Chick Inn

This chicken coop sign is a fun play on words. An ideal plaque for those who love puns. Give your chickens a lovely inn, where they can be themselves. You can accent the signage by adding curtains and other decorations that bring out that inn ambiance.

You can get this sign on Etsy. Another version is here. Optionally, you can try making it yourself with a wood block, some stencils, paint, and a little patience.

9. Just Got Laid In The Backyard

Think chicken owners love puns? You bet. Nothing will get a cluck out of you and your hens like the reminder that there is more than one meaning for getting laid. Here is a recommendation for added fun: Pair this sign together with one that says something like “Hot Chicks Inside.”

You can get this sign on Etsy.

10. Welcome to Cluckingham Palace

Do you love your chickens and treat them like royalty? Get this sign for your chicken coop. “Welcome to Cluckingham Palace” will make your chickens feel like nobility as they strut in and out of the coop. Highly recommended for any flock that contains Orpingtons.

You can get this sign on Amazon. If you select the wooden example from the link, do not hang it outside right away. Since it is not treated, you will need to put some external lacquer, such as Clear Seal, on it before hanging it outdoors. Otherwise, it will get damaged quickly.

11. The Fluffy Butt Hut

There are many versions of this sign available online. Some of the best feature the mention of “farm fresh butt nuggets.” One metal version with a vintage design is available on Etsy for a decent price. You could potentially fabricate this one on your own by cutting out the words “Fluffy Butt Hut” into a piece of metal or carving the words into wood, too.

Now Your Coop is Looking Sharp

There are many signs and phrases out there that are perfect for your chicken coop signs. Hopefully, one of these 11 great chicken coop sign ideas has inspired you. Which one of these signs is your favorite? Keep in mind that any of these ideas can be a DIY project for a rainy weekend. Or you can choose one of the products from the list.

Finally, you can watch this video, where a sign for a chicken coop is made by hand: