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Top 10 Cute Chicken Breeds: Ranked & With Pictures!

If you are a fan of chickens, then you are probably looking to see if your favorite breed is considered cute by others. Yes, there are a number of adorable chicken breeds out there. From fluffy bottoms to stunning plumage and beards, there are chickens with distinct looks that make you say, “Aww.” Keep reading this compilation of cute chicken breeds to find yet another breed to fall in love with (and maybe even add to your flock).

Top 10 Cutest Chickens Ranked

There are many out there, but we narrowed it down to this list. Ready to look at these 10 adorable breeds? Here they are in ascending order:

10. Araucana

araucana hen chicken

The rumpless tufted Araucana has to be one of the cutest chicken breeds out there, wouldn’t you agree? Although the Araucana is best known for their blue egg genes, they have a unique appearance that deserves to be talked about. Few breeds have the features of these chickens, making them an ideal addition to any flock. Among enthusiasts, the Araucana is considered one of the friendliest breeds around. However, there are also birds of this breed who tend to be nervous.

Young Araucana chickens love to be handled. In fact, the more you handle them when they are young, the better a companion they become when older. Araucana chickens are quiet; for those who live in the suburbs, this is an ideal breed for you.

Now, there are some downsides to this cute breed. First, the hens can be a bit broody, and the roosters get aggressive when it’s time to breed.

9. Brahma

brahma chicken in grass

These fluffy giants deserve a place on the cutest chicken breeds list for a couple of reasons. First, Brahma chickens are covered in gorgeous, thick plumage that makes them look like little clouds. You can’t help but want to give them a hug. Secondly, they have feathers on their legs and feet, amplifying their cuteness.

Furthermore, the Brahma breed is exceptionally gentle. Despite their size, they are docile and calm, even around children. They are also intelligent. By giving them both time in a run and roaming around, these gentle giants will be happy and healthy.

8. Pekin

pekin bantam chicken

The Pekin chicken looks a little like the artistic rendering of what cute should be. They have large, expressive eyes, tiny faces, and thickly feathered bodies. Pekin chickens come in either white, black, lavender, or blue colors and lay a decent amount of eggs. These chickens love people. They are calm, do not startle easily, and will even enjoy cuddling with you. If you have children, you cannot go wrong with this breed. They tend to be rather tolerant, so long as the child is not rough. Pekins also do well in mixed flocks.

The one con of the Pekin breed is how much water they consume. This breed tends to poop a lot, so you may want to avoid getting a horde of them!

7. Barbu D’Uccle

barbu d'uccle hen and chicks

Also known as the Belgian D’Uccle, this adorable breed of chicken is vibrantly colored and even has tufts like the Araucana. Since the Barbu D’Uccle is not as common as other breeds, like the SIlkie, they tend to be rather popular at chicken shows throughout the world. Between 1890 and 1900, a man named Michael Van Gelder worked on perfecting this breed. He used breeds like the Bearded Antwerp and the Dutch Booted Sablepoot.

The cutest features on this chicken include their spotted or flecked feathers and fluff-covered feet.

Belgian D’Uccles are quiet and docile. The roosters tend to crow whenever one of their hens lays an egg, which is cute but can pose a problem for those living close to neighbors. Most Barbu D’Uccle chickens are not hostile, which means that they are often bullied. As such, you should either keep a flock of just this breed or introduce them to other non-aggressive breeds, like the Frizzle or Silkie.

6. Polish

black crested polish chicken head

Few people will deny the cuteness of the Polish chicken with its wild-looking crest. You may want to name one of your Polish chickens Albert Einstein. Interestingly, while the origins of the Polish chicken are not very clear, it does get its name for its crest, which looks like the hats worn by the Polish military in the past. Since the early 1800s, Polish chickens have enjoyed much popularity in the US , but there are records of them existing since the 1700s.

Of course, their brilliant hair style is not the other thing that makes them adorable. The Polish chicken also has tiny white earlobes and red wattles. Their skin is white, and their legs are gray. Being that they are wonderful at laying eggs, you can enjoy both their personality and their medium-sized gifts.

Polish chickens are rather friendly, but they do tend to be anxious. Why? Well, their crests tend to get in their eyes, so they can’t see what is around them all that well.

5. Faverolle

salmon faverole chicken

What makes the Faverolle so cute? Just look at their salmon coloring. How can you say no? Plus, these chickens have a spiky little ruff on their cheeks and around the beak that makes them look they just got out of bed and are late to work. Faverolle chickens have a sweet disposition that makes them a favorite among beginner homesteaders. They are rather chatty and curious, too. Furthermore, Faverolle chickens love to be hugged. If you leave your lap open long enough, several Faverolle chickens may climb aboard for some pets.

Aside from being physically cute, Faverolle chickens can be a productive member of your flock. The hens lay between 3-4 eggs a week. Since this breed is cold hardy, you will continue getting eggs throughout the winter.

You can keep these chickens in a spacious run without any problems.

4. Sebright

Sebright hen

Do you believe that great things come in small packages? Then be prepared for cuteness overload with the Sebright chicken. This genuine bantam breed hails from the UK. Invented by Sir John Saunders Sebright in the 1800s, the Sebright chicken has been around long enough to generate a solid popularity. Originally bred as a show chicken, the Sebright has held its place as an ornamental companion. They are gentle and have stunning plumage.

There is not much physical difference between male and female Sebrights. The roosters have no distinguishing feathers. Hens and roosters all have silver or golden feathers that are laced in black.

Due to their small size, Sebrights are energetic, and can fly relatively far. They may appear timid — especially the roosters — but they are very easy to handle.

This video provides some additional insight on this cute breed:

3. Silkie

two black and white silkie chickens

Any time you ask a chicken lover about the cutest chicken breeds, the Silkie is bound to come up. The Silkie chicken is undeniably one of the most adorable breeds. Even though this breed is not known for their meat or eggs, they are incredibly popular. The hens are wonderful parents who will raise anything from chicks, turkeys, quails, pheasants, and ducklings. If you have a couple of Silkie hens wandering around, you never have to worry about raising little ones.

Silkies also have amazingly silky plumage that feels more like fur than feathers. Other odd characteristics include feathered legs, five toes, blue earlobes, feathered beards, and black-tinted bones and skin.

The one thing you should know about Silkies is that they are not the most resilient. Due to their unique characteristics, they are prone to things like Marek’s disease and mites. You will need to give your Silkies extra love and care to ensure they stay healthy.

2. Cochin

cichin chicken

You will fall in love with the densely feathered Cochin chicken at first sight. These fowls are known for being gregarious and cuddly. Pick one up and carry her around all day. She won’t mind. In fact, chicken keepers often call Cochins “dogs with feathers.” They will follow you around, just happy to be included in whatever you are doing.

Furthermore, Cochin chickens can be domesticated easily. Many owners let them into their homes without any issue. They do not wander far or scratch often. Cochins are rather lazy, in that regard.

Do not expect many eggs from then hens. They lay 1-2 eggs per week. However, Cochin roosters are serious and protective. They will keep predators away from your flock without issue.

1. Frizzle

gray frizzle chicken

Who is the cutest of them all? The Frizzle! These chickens have feathers that are called “frizzled,” meaning that their feathers are curled and fall away from the body, giving them some additional fluff. Where Frizzles came from, no one is really sure. It is said that the frizzle gene first appeared in Asia as a mutation in several breeds. The Frizzle as a breed was first documented during the 18th century. Bloodlines were then refined for exhibitions.

You can find Frizzle chickens in a diverse range of colors, many of them sharing physical characteristics of the Cochin breed. Others may have a size similar to a Plymouth Rock hen. If you prefer small and cute, there are also breeds of bantam chickens that come with frizzled feathers.

Frizzle chickens are often thought of as show birds, but they can also be used for meat and eggs. The hens lay a decent amount of medium white or tinted eggs and go broody. Their meat is said to be delicious.

Final Thoughts on the Cutest Chicken Breeds

There are many cute chicken breeds out there, but you now know the top 10. There is a breed for everyone. No longer are chickens just for meat. You can bring home the cutest ones as companions, for eggs, or to bring to poultry exhibitions. The choice is yours. If you are searching for some cute chicken breeds to add to your flock, be sure to consider the ones in this article. Most of them are friendly towards humans and can bring something of value to your yard.