The 5 Best Small Chicken Coop For Urban Areas

As an urban dweller, choosing a well designed and functioning small chicken coop is critical since traditionally larger coops just won’t fit in what you call your backyard.

Chickens need enough space to grow and thrive. Get it wrong and you won’t have happy chickens…

A quick search online for small chicken coops reveals hundreds of small, prefab options and thousands of ‘easy to follow’ DIY plans. Did someone say overwhelm?

We’ve spent hours and hours researching to narrow down the list to find you 5 great small chicken coops that you can buy or build this weekend.

Our favorite small chicken coop available online: The SnapLock Formex Hen House

What Features Should You Look For In The Best Small Chicken Coop?

Infographic - the considerations for small chicken coops

There are tons of great options for urban chicken coops. It won’t be hard to find choices.

The hard part begins with you have to decide which one deserves your money.

Everyone has different circumstances and needs.

 The chicken coop your friend in Colorado loves might not serve the needs of a chicken owner in an urban city of Virginia.

Let’s take a look at what features do matter.

The Size of Your Flock

Without a doubt, the most important factor is the size of your flock.

Chickens require a minimum amount of space. Lack of space can lead to stress and undesirable issues – Perhaps resulting in your chickens trying to fly out of the coop.

You need two to four square feet per chicken, even more for larger breeds. If you live in a colder climate, experts recommend more space for each bird. 

When choosing based on size, think about:

  • The current size of your flock or how many you intend to purchase
  • Which chicken breeds are appealing
  • If you want to expand your flock later
  • The climate in your area

Ventilation and Air flow

A close second factor is ventilation. Chickens need enough airflow, just like we do.

A poorly ventilated coop can lead to respiratory diseases, as well as some nasty smells you don’t want to experience.

But on the other hand, its not a case of ‘more ventilation = better’. Ventilation also affects temperature and you need to make sure you don’t make your chickens too cold because you’ve built them an air tunnel.

Proper ventilation is crucial for a healthy flock. When looking at small chicken coops, consider the windows, openings, and vents.

Here are a few more chicken coop ventilation tips:

Safety from predators

An unsecured coop can allow chicken predators inside to decimate your flock. Predators are in the air and the ground. 

Protect your chickens, they are your responsibility! Think about these factors:

  • Are the latches secure on the doors and nesting boxes?
  • Are the openings safe against rodents and predators?
  • Is it enclosed, including the run outside?
  • How durable are the materials used to create the coop?

Most coops are predator proof by default, but here are a few extra tips to predator proof your coops home.

How much elevation do you need?

elevated chicken coop

Elevated chicken coops tend to be the safer choice because predators are unable to chew through the flooring. 

If predators cannot access the inside portion of the coop, your chickens have a safe place to stay. You also want to ensure the company used a durable material for the floor of the coop.

If your coop is not elevated, you can always build your own base, but if you have not purchased or built a coop yet, keep this in mind.

Assembly – how handy are you?

Unless you have the DIY gene, a coop that is difficult to assemble might fall off your list.

This isn’t a dollhouse so should can expect some level of knowledge required. At the same time, a chicken coop shouldn’t require a PH.D. to assemble. There are plenty of free plans online, and to get inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few guides:

The 5 Best Small Chicken Coops:

Let’s start with the fanciest choice for an urban chicken owner. Don’t let the price scare you away. It is worth the price because of the extra space and details.

Formex created their chicken coop for 4 to 6 large chickens or 6 to 8 smaller breeds. There are roosting bars and insulation for colder climates, along with an adjustable ventilation system.

What makes the Formex worth the cost?

First, the bottom slides out, allowing you to access the eggs easily. Next, hold onto your hats!

The coop snaps together, so you don’t need any tools to put it together. If you get confused by a hammer and screwdriver, the convenience of this coop is just what you need.

Formex designed the coop with UV resistant materials that are easy to clean. New chicken owners rave about the Formex chicken coop.

If you only have two or three chickens, there is no need for a crazy chicken coop. The Pawhut Backyard Hen House has enough space for two to three chickens.

Pawhut considered what a new chicken owner would need and wanted when they created this chicken coop.

The coop is made of fir wood, sturdy and weather resistant material. Your chickens will have indoor space, as well as fenced outdoor run, allowing them sun and fun. Egg collection is easy with a flip-top nesting box.

Plus, cleaning the coop is simple a removable catching tray. 

Another great feature is the adjustable temperature control vents, allowing the perfect ventilation for all season. Pawhut didn’t miss a trick.

There is no reason your chicken coop can’t be adorable as well as functional. The Pawhut Coop Barn, with its natural fir wood construction and blue paint, will remind you of a Cape Cod chicken coop!

The Coop Barn is meant for 4 to 6 chickens, depending on the breed. If you like the Pawhut Hen House but want more space, this coop provides almost double the run space.

Pawhut offers all of the features an urban chicken owner wants and needs.

There are nesting boxes with easy access to retrieve eggs. The run is enclosed with steel mesh to protect your flock from predators and offers a roof for bad weather.

Pawhut added a sliding tray to clean your coop quickly.

The Merax Chicken Coop is a durable choice for chicken owners with two to three hens. If you have three larger breed chickens, the Merax may not be the choice for you.

The construction is well-made and durable, but assembly will take longer due to the design.  Merax created the coop with fir wood and steel mesh, so your chickens are protected from predators. The roof is metal and reduces leaks.

Merax added features that urban chicken owners love. You could add extra run space if you want to have a third, larger chicken.

Retrieving the eggs is simple; just lift up the hinged door on top of the nesting boxes. Merax included two roosts along with the two nesting boxes.

A plastic pull-out tray makes for easier clean-up. For a two chicken owner, the Merax is a great option.

The last choice for a small chicken coop is by Ardinbir, and it’s great for those with very little backyard space. You can also learn more on how to keep your garden chicken-proof here.

Despite the compact size, Arbindir ensured their chicken coop is well-built with durable materials. The coop holds two to three chickens at maximum, depending on their size.

Due to the lack of size, two chickens are recommended, unless you have a way to expand their run space.

There are plenty of ways to ensure your chickens have ample space to spread their wings! The price of the Ardinbir leaves plenty of wiggle room to add onto the run.

Ardinbir made assembly ease and included step-by-step instructions. Those with little space love this coop!

Final Thoughts

Picking a suitable small chicken coop for urban dwellers takes consideration. You must consider what factors matter the most for your situation, such as the size of your flock.

Purchasing a chicken coop requires a lot of your money, so don’t waste it on a coop that doesn’t fit your needs!

If you haven’t quite found what your looking for here, don’t stress! There are plenty more options. If you have a bigger space to work with, why not check out some inspiration from our articles on DIY Chicken Coops, and Chicken Tractor Plans

Do you have a favorite small chicken coop? We would love to hear about it in the comments.

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