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Best Bamboo Toothbrush and Eco-Friendly Options

Does shopping for a bamboo toothbrush have you frowning? Well, turn that frown upside down. We’re here to help you ditch that plastic toothbrush for an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush that will help save the earth and your smile. 

We even found a complete zero waste dental kit that comes with a bamboo toothbrush, floss, and a travel case.

Keep reading to learn more!

9 Top Bamboo and Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes

Who knew there were so many options when it came to bamboo toothbrushes. We understand if you feel overwhelmed trying to decide which one is best for you. But you can relax now. We’ve scoured the internet to find the top nine best bamboo toothbrushes based on comfort, bristle material, and of course, cost. So we guarantee there’s something here to keep your teeth shiny and clean.

Here’s a quick chart where you can see the features of each toothbrush.

Top Pick Top Pick Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Complete dental kit with floss and toothbrush case
  • Additive, coloring, and BPA-free
  • Bristles may fall out

Budget Pick Budget Pick Isshah Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes Isshah Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes
  • Better anti-mold performance
  • Smooth handle
  • Can irritate gums

Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Biobased bristles
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Large size head

BAMWOO Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Choose bristle strength
  • A tree is planted for every brush purchased
  • Ships from the UK
EcoFrenzy - Kids Bamboo Toothbrush EcoFrenzy – Kids Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Rounded kid friendly handle
  • Fun organically dyed colors
  • Must dry well to prevent mold

GoWoo 100% Natural Bamboo Toothbrush GoWoo 100% Natural Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Available for kids or adults
  • Painted bottoms to protect rotting
  • Nylon bristles

Wowe Lifestyle Natural Organic Bamboo Toothbrush Wowe Lifestyle Natural Organic Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Plain, colored, or charcoal infused bristles
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Can taste “woody”

WooBamboo! Bamboo Toothbrush WooBamboo! Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Single piece of carved bamboo
  • Sanded and coated with natural soy wax
  • Expensive

Colgate Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes Colgate Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes
  • Charcoal infused floss tip bristles
  • Quality well-known brand
  • Comes in plastic Colgate packaging

Still uncertain which brush is best for your mouth? Keep reading our in depth review to learn more about these eco-friendly toothbrushes.

Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush — Top Pick

Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush


  • Quantity: 4

  • Bristle Material: Biodegradable Bamboo Charcol Fiber
  • Bristles Strength: Soft

The Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush is more than just a toothbrush — it’s a complete zero waste tooth cleaning kit. It comes with a years’ supply of toothbrushes, dental floss, and a handy dandy toothbrush case. Everything that comes in the kit is either natural or reusable!

Let’s start by discussing the toothbrushes since this is a toothbrush review after all. You get four toothbrushes in the package — which you find is pretty common. That provides you with enough toothbrushes to last a full year if you follow the ADA recommendation of changing your toothbrush every three months (1). 

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the planet friendly packaging is that, unlike many bamboo toothbrushes that are made of nylon, these bristles are not. They are made of charcoal infused bamboo fiber making them the most affordable, fully biodegradable toothbrush on our list. Now, these bristles may be a little softer and a little looser than you are used to, so it could take some time to adjust.

But this kit isn’t just about the toothbrushes. It includes natural charcoal mint dental floss as well. So you can say bye-bye to that plastic floss you’ve been using. This floss comes in a beautiful glass container that makes it convenient to cut off just the right amount.

The last thing included in the kit is a storage tube for your toothbrush. The tube is made out of, you guessed it, bamboo. It’s both beautiful and functional. It allows you to store away your brush easily. It does have two holes in the tube to aid airflow, but to help prevent mold, it is best to make sure your toothbrush is completely dry before storing it. 

Isshah Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes — Budget Pick

Isshah Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes


  • Quantity: 4

  • Bristle Material: Charcoal Treated Nylon
  • Bristles Strength: Soft

Just cause you want to help save the planet doesn’t mean you have to go broke doing it. And the Isshah Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes are a great budget friendly and planet friendly option.  

It seems pretty amazing that you get four toothbrushes for such a low price. You would think you would be sacrificing quality but that’s not the case. The Isshah toothbrush has charcoal bristles and a polished, mildew resistant handle, just like you would expect from a more expensive brush.

The four pack will last a year for one person or use them for the whole family. If you are buying a four pack for your family, there is no worry you will confuse whose brush is whose. Each brush is numbered one through four to make identification even more manageable. 

While these toothbrushes are great, they are not for everyone. People with smaller mouths or children may find the brush a little big for their mouths, and the bamboo can take some adjustment to get used to. People sometimes complain that it can cause gum irritation. 

Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush

Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush


  • Quantity: 4

  • Bristle Material: Plant Based Bio Bristle
  • Bristles Strength: Soft

The folks at Brush with Bamboo are committed to eliminating plastic waste. So their product is completely plant based– the packing, the brush, the bristles.

Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush features unique plant based fibers for their bristles. These bristles are made from 100 % Castor Oil in the EU. They are USDA Certified 100% Biobased, which means they contain no fossil fuels. How amazing is that? Fibers that are made from castor oil — wow! 

The bristles are soft but firm, leaving your teeth shiny clean. However, the large head can make it challenging to get to those hard to reach spaces in the back of your mouth. The handle is ergonomically designed, so it is comfortable in your hand. 

Like the Greenzla toothbrush, this toothbrush is fully biodegradable. So unlike others, there is no need to remove the head or bristles to dispose of the brush. It may take longer to break down than your standard compost, but it’s certainly better than going to the landfill.

BAMWOO Bamboo Toothbrush


  • Quantity: 1

  • Bristle Material: BPA free Nylon
  • Bristles Strength: Medium/Firm

The BAMWOO Bamboo Toothbrush allows you more choices with your toothbrush than others on the market. While others come in four packs, with the BAMWOO you can choose exactly how many toothbrushes you want to receive. May you just want to try one out to make sure you like it. Well, with BAMWOO, you can. Keep in mind this does ship from the UK. You may want to order more if you like it, so you are waiting for your new toothbrush to arrive.

You also have your choice between medium or firm bristles. Most of the other brushes we’ve reviewed are only available in soft bristles. So if you prefer a firmer toothbrush, this may be your best choice.

But there is more to this toothbrush than just being able to choose your bristle strength. It features a smooth rounded handle that is easy to grip and it looks great too.

EcoFrenzy – Kids Bamboo Toothbrush

EcoFrenzy - Kids Bamboo Toothbrush


  • Quantity: 4

  • Bristle Material: BPA Free Naturally Dyed Nylon
  • Bristles Strength: Soft

Bamboo toothbrushes are just for adults. Kids need toothbrushes too. And the EcoFrenzy – Kids Bamboo Toothbrush will get your kids excited about brushing their teeth. Brightly colored bristles make them fun and easy to identify. But there’s no need to worry about toxic chemicals because these beautiful colors are created with safe organic coloring.

That coloring is also painted on the ends of the handles to help protect the brush. The rounded handles are also easy for little hands to grasp. And unlike many bamboo toothbrushes that have flat bristles, these are tapered to better clean those hard to reach spots. And let’s face it, when it comes to brushing kids’ teeth well, parents need all the help we can get. 

GoWoo 100% Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

GoWoo 100% Natural Bamboo Toothbrush


  • Quantity: 4

  • Bristle Material: Bio Based Bristle 
  • Bristles Strength: Extra Soft

Adults love colorful brushes as much as kids do. Whether it is to help identify whose brush is whose or just to exhibit your personality somehow color makes brushing your teeth more fun. And GoWoo understands that. The GoWoo 100% Natural Bamboo Toothbrush is available in a wide range of colors. Choose purple, pink, or a candy colored assortment. There is even “Panda” a combination of black and white brushes. 

Not only are the bristles colored with natural dyes, but they are also made out of natural materials. They use a Bio Bristle that is 62% Castor Oil 38 % Nylon. So it’s similar to the bristles used by Brush with Bamboo. And these bristles are super soft, making them perfect for sensitive gums.

The colors from the bristles are repeated on the handles with paint, helping to protect the brush from moisture. This helps ensure your brush stays clean and fresh, just like your smile.

Wowe Lifestyle Natural Organic Bamboo Toothbrush

Wowe Lifestyle Natural Organic Bamboo Toothbrush


  • Quantity: 4

  • Bristle Material: Nylon
  • Bristles Strength: Soft

When it comes to bristle selection, the Wowe Lifestyle Natural Organic Bamboo Toothbrush offers the widest range of choices. You choose from colored, natural, or charcoal bristles, as well as adult, or kid sized head. Whatever style you want, they’ve got it.

Now you won’t find anything too fancy with these toothbrushes. They have nylon bristles set in a handle made from a single piece of bamboo. But while these toothbrushes aren’t so fancy they do the trick and they won’t break the bank.

Some people complain that the brush can taste “woody” which can be a bit off-putting. Whether it will bother you or not only you can say. But is important to remember that natural materials are going to have a different mouth feel than factory fabricated plastic toothbrushes. 

WooBamboo! Bamboo Toothbrush

WooBamboo! Bamboo Toothbrush


  • Quantity: 4

  • Bristle Material: Nylon
  • Bristles Strength: Soft

Nowadays toothbrushes are made with curvy handles and fancy bristle styles. If you long for an old-school flat-handled brush with simple nylon bristles the WooBamboo! Bamboo Toothbrush is for you. 

Sometimes simplicity is best and this toothbrush is a great example of that. Rather than using paints to protect this toothbrush from molding, soy wax is applied. This allows you to appreciate the natural grain of the bamboo.

When you are done with the brush, all you need to do is snap the head. The nylon bristles can be disposed of in your trash and the rest of the toothbrush composted. A fitting end to an uncomplicated product. While it is not completely recyclable you also don’t need to send it off to any specialty recycling center like you must do with some zero-waste products. 

Colgate Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes

Colgate Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes


  • Quantity: 4

  • Bristle Material: Charcoal Infused Floss Tip Bristles
  • Bristles Strength: Soft

As zero waste products gain in popularity it is no surprise to see a big brand like Colgate has an eco-friendly toothbrush. The Colgate Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush combines Colgate’s Floss Tip Bristles with a sustainable bamboo toothbrush.

This brush addresses one of the main criticisms of bamboo toothbrushes, which is that the bristles don’t use a modern design. By combining the bristles that Colgate toothbrushes are known for with a sustainable bamboo handle you can now get the best of both worlds– clean, feeling shiny teeth AND a toothbrush that uses less plastic!

The one big downside to this toothbrush is the packaging. Remember, this is Colgate, not some small, sustainably driven business. So, while the toothbrush and the box are made from sustainable material, the shipping packing is made entirely out of plastic. 

Eco-Friendly Toothbrush Buying Guide

You may be thinking, what is there to know about eco-friendly toothbrushes that I don’t already know about regular toothbrushes? Which is a legitimate question. And the answer is more than you would think. 

First, we’ll talk a little bit about bamboo since that’s what all these toothbrushes are made of. Then we will discuss the materials the bristles are made out of and how firm you want them. And finally, we’ll help you decide how many toothbrushes to buy. 

So let’s jump right in and talk about bamboo.

Bamboo — Good for More than just Pandas

It seems like everything is being made out of bamboo these days. From floors to fabric, from towels to toothbrushes — bamboo certainly is trendy. That’s because bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, making it a very sustainable material to manufacture items out of (2). 

In fact, the Chinese moso bamboo can grow almost a metre in a single day.

While this fast growing plant is actually a grass, its woodiness is what makes it perfect for making toothbrush handles. Its strong and water resistant. But unlike plastic, which sticks around forever, bamboo will biodegrade in your garden.

Now bamboo is not for everyone. Some people complain that it tastes funny. Others say that the material is rougher than plastic and irritates the insides of their mouths and gums. However, if you are looking for a zero-waste toothbrush, bamboo is the best option currently on the market.

Bristles Materials

bamboo toothbrush
Photo credit: Depositphotos

One of the key distinctions between the different bamboo toothbrushes we reviewed was the bristle material. Back in the day, toothbrushes had boar bristles, but that went out of fashion with the invention of nylon. While nylon is a common material for toothbrush bristles, it is not biodegradable. So if you buy a toothbrush with nylon bristles, you must remove the bristles before you dispose of the handle, which is a pain.

Some companies out there are looking for a better solution. Our top pick, the Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush, uses bamboo fibers for its bristles. Other companies use biobristles that are made from castor oil. These options are more eco-friendly than nylon bristles and are biodegradable, though you may find they take longer to break down than other waste in your compost.

How Firm is Best?

I know I always used to struggle to decide how firm my toothbrush should be. But then I learned that the ADA recommends using softer bristles to avoid irritating your gums. That being said, a medium bristle brush can be better at removing biofilm. 

Most of the toothbrushes we review have soft bristles. However, if you are looking for a firmer brush, check out the BamWoo  Bamboo Toothbrush — they have firmer brushes available.

How Many Toothbrushes Do I Really Need?

You may be wondering why so many of these toothbrushes come in four packs. But when you figure that the ADA recommends that you change your toothbrush every three months, then it starts to make sense. A four pack is perfect for one person for one year.

Buying more toothbrushes at once also saves on shipping, which in turn lowers the carbon footprint of your toothbrush. I mean, think about it — how much gasoline is used to deliver each toothbrush to you? It’s much more eco-friendly to stock up and cut down on transportation.

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