The Benefits Of Raising Chickens

Welcome to the first chapter in our guide to raising chickens! We all have different reasons for doing things, however when it comes to raising your own chickens, its almost always related to being self sufficient.

Lets take a look at the why raising backyard chickens is so great:

If you’re not already aware of how great raising your own chickens is, then you sure will be after reading over these 5 awesome benefits:


1. It’s Easy And Inexpensive To Raise Chickens

Once you buy your chicks and set up a coop for them to live in, the ongoing costs are very reasonable, when compared to most other common pets. Lets also not forget, you get a constant supply of fresh eggs, so you save money on your grocery bills!

2. Eggs That Are Fresh, Great Tasting & Nutritious

A free supply of fresh, organic eggs is most exciting aspect of raising chickens and it’s also very rewarding – it’s the first step to self-sufficiency.

How many eggs will I get? – In general you can expect each hen to lay you 5 -7 eggs per week, depending on the conditions and your breed. As a rule of thumb, if you have 10 chickens you will get 7-8 eggs per day, or 49-56 eggs per week!

How are they compared to store bought eggs? – In terms of nutrition, studies have consistently showed that your typical free roaming backyard chicken eggs have less fat and cholesterol, and more vitamins (A, E & D), more beta carotene and omega 3’s.

So what does this mean for me? – There is a whole range of health benefits associated with free range eggs, including a lower chance of certain disease (heart disease, diabetes, forms of cancer, arthritis) and a more health circulatory system, bones, teeth and eyes!

cost of eggs infographic

It’s slightly cheaper to buy non free-range eggs from the store (which you should not be buying anyway), however in terms of free-range eggs: raising your own chickens will save you money in the long run.

It’s not always about money though, is it? Raising your own free-range chickens has a significant impact on the environment! Why not read on and have a look at the Environmental Impact Of Meat – Warning, you may be shocked. 

3. Chemical-Free Bug And Weed Control

Whether you have moths, flies, ticks, grasshoppers, frogs, stink bugs or even snakes in your backyard, your chickens are onto it!

They will provide you with a fee organic method of pest control, all year round.

Have you got weeds that need controlling?

No need to do it yourself, get your team of free and hard working weed pulverisers onto it! 

Warning – Chickens not only eat weeds, they will nibble on anything they can get their little beaks into. Check out our article on How To Keep Chickens Out Of Your Garden for some helpful tips.  

(If you’ve jumped head, and have now been convinced chickens are the right thing to invest in, you may be thinking about where you can house them. Why not check out our articles on Urban Chicken Designs or Chicken Tractor Plans for some inspiration!)

4. Produce The World’s Best Organic Fertilizer

Your average chock churns out an average of 1 cubic foot of manure every 6 months – and this manure can be turned into strong (and free) fertilizer for your garden!

On average, chicken manure (when composted correctly) is more beneficial for your garden than horse, cow or steer manure) – that’s some powerful stuff!

5. Fun & Friendly Pets With Personality

This may surprise you, but chickens are actually very sociable pets which means they make great additions to the family!

The only caveat here is that you must raise them to be comfortable around humans by having playtime with them when they are growing chicks – we show you exactly how to do this in chapter 3.

Now that you’re super excited about raising chickens lets jump into the next chapter: checking if its legal to raise chickens in your city.

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