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How To Keep Chickens Out Of The Garden

how to keep chickens out of the garden

You love your chickens, and you love your garden. But unfortunately, your chickens love your garden too! A little too much…and now your grass is ripped up, your flowers trampled and your vegetables eaten. Chickens and gardens CAN live together, so long as everyone knows their place. Read on to learn how to keep chickens out of the […]

How to Introduce New Chickens

How To Introduce New Chickens

Thinking of expanding your flock? It’s a little trickier than just buying new chickens and plunking them into your coop.  Chickens live in a hierarchy and it is important to respect that – failure to do so could even result in death! There are several important steps you should take to ensure the transition is as smooth as […]

How Cold is Too Cold for Chickens?

How To Keep Chickens Warm

Are you trying to raise a few chickens in your backyard? If yes, then you may be wondering, how cold is too cold for chickens? Depending on where you live, the winters can be pretty brutal and you may be concerned that your beloved chickens are freezing their feathers off. If you’re wondering how to keep your chickens […]

The 5 Best Small Chicken Coop for Urban Areas

Best small chicken coops

Urban dwellers need to look for well designed and functioning small chicken coops because free ranging isn’t feasible with close neighbors…. and common larger coops just won’t fit in most small yard spaces.Chickens need the proper space to grow and thrive.That means you must find the perfect size small chicken coop that gives your chickens […]

What Are The Best Egg Laying Chickens?

Best chickens for eggs

Many know about the wonderful benefits associated with raising chickens, but with more than one hundred breeds out there, making the right chicken-choice may seem somewhat intimidating. From the puffy Muppet-looking Silkie to the more traditional Marsh Daisy and from the cute Wyandotte to the elegant Brakel, chickens simply seem to come in a superabundance […]

What to Feed Your Chickens (and what NOT to feed them) – The Ultimate Guide

what do chickens eat

You’ve chosen what breeds to raise, you’ve built a coop in your backyard… the brooder boxes, bedding, waterer, feeder – all set! You even have a chicken first aid kit! But, wait a second… what do chickens eat? ​Don’t worry… We’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide on what to feed (and not to feed) your chickens! Quick […]

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